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Thursday, 12 May 2016 / Published in Tranny
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Barebackshebangs Overview

For homos and bisexual who are looking for gorgeous looking shemales that you want to fuck with on their asses, the BareBackSheBang is for you. These sexy twinks and transgenders are willing to get down into business as they manage to agree and take those big cocks that digging in their asses. It is a non-stop ass pounding action from straight dudes who are tired of fucking those bitches and prefer to be with these gorgeous shemales. The site brings you dick to dick action from softcore to hardcore actions.

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Tech & Specs

At first, I thought that I was seeing beautiful girls being fucked from behind by dudes. I presumed that this is another anal sex website but actually it is more than that. As I scroll down, I was surprised of what I’ve just seen; these are not females but rather shemales. The site has a generous amount of images and videos that will satisfy your cravings for ass fuck actions. This site is not for those dudes who want to see bitches in actions. It is for bisexuals and homo fuckers who want to see those most sophisticated asses fuck scenes. It is wild and crazy as the straight dudes stick their huge dicks into the shemale’s tight asses. There are loads of twinks and loads of bareback sex that are hot and sexy. There are also threesome actions blowjobs, (dude to dude blowjobs actions), outdoors homo activities and more. It is a lush and wet action for homo fuckers out there.

The dudes and the pams have some shoveling to do and this is totally an awesome view. (for homos and bisexuals of course) The site brings you horny homo fuckers that will hammer the ass all over the place. Whether it is a dude pounding the Pam or the Pam will pound the ass of the dude. You’ll see ben on the grass together with the shemale fucking these straight dudes. Most of the dicks are pretty much huge. But, I could say that the fuck scenes are more decent compared with other hardcore homo actions. The site features a teaser screen at the right side of the homepage. You don’t need to click the play button since the teaser video will automatically play once you check out the site. At the moment, there are over than 70 videos featuring dick to dick sword fight actions. Each video has 20 minutes duration which can be watched on streaming or transfer to your computer. For full movies in HD, WMV and MP4 will bring you good quality and Flash for fast streaming.

The image galleries are available on the homepage screen but you can see a lot more once you become an official member. The hardcore pics page is available at the navigation bar featuring lots of pams and bens waiting. In here you’ll see lots of twinks, dudes and pams pounding each other’s ass. Each gallery has over than 100 images which are mostly taken from the videos available. There are also poses that definitely you will like if you are a bisexual dude. You’ll see a twink that shows off his hard dick, a dude that shows off his ass’ hole and a shemale that shows off his breast. These photos can be downloaded both in your computer and mobile devices using zip files. Joining the site is just a few clicks away. There are no available bonus sites and the site is not included in any porn site network. The payment is through online wire transfer banking or credit card with discreet billing for your safety.

Content Quality

Most of the shemales are gorgeously hot. I can barely notice that they are transgender unless you see their balls and hard meat. These shemales are well and prepared. in fact, they shaved not just their asses but also their balls. The shemales got lovely breast and they are hot and sexy. As for the guys, I would say that they love the things they are doing whether they will shovel the shemale’s ass or vis-à-vis. You’ll see updates and new videos at the top of your screen. The good thing about the update screen is that it includes a description of the actions and the names of the shemales and dudes are included. As mentioned, the shemales are beautiful and the dudes are decent looking. It is sensual homo love making but the actions are pretty much hardcore.

They are smooth and sexy homos waiting to get hard and horny. Aside from ass pounding action, there will be masturbating, blowjobs and lots of homo fuckers getting laid to each other. Of course, if there is a blowjob there will be facial cum. See Tammy and Pablo making love on the sofa. Watch Tammy as she does the cowboy or rather cowgirl, (whatever) as Pablo will scream for ass fuck pleasure. Tammy will eventually lick and suck the Pablo’s hard dick. Then Pablo will return the favor by sucking Tammy’s ball. They will get down into business as Pablo will bend over and Tammy will pound his ass. I could say that this dude really loves it as Tammy’s hard dick will penetrate into his ass.

Long Story Short

So, for shemales or dudes site featuring cock sucking and ass fucking scenes and pictures. This site is definitely for you. Of course, if you are a straight dude and you want to see ass fuck actions by these dudes and shemales feel free to do so. If you are a fan of bareback or you like to listen to Ricky Martin’s hit single She Bangs, you will never be disappointed. You can grab a tool and start banking. There are plenty of homo actions featuring twinky dudes, straight dudes who prefer to fuck with shemales, and beautiful pams. There are no extra sites included but the scenes are extra hot and crispy.

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