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Monday, 07 December 2015 / Published in Other
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Bestoryclub Overview

Bestoryclub is a soft-porn entertainment site with a different angle to adult entertainment. I find it a little confusing to expressly regard it as adult entertainment because the stuff is made up. It is the product of creative entertainment. It isn’t exactly your typical comic porn, but the site presents several comic scenes. The site is, basically, a descriptive entity with a couple of pics to view.

Tech & Specs

The site sports a lot of creativity in its layout and form. I love the easy way content is presented in clear-cut categories right from the point you hit the landing page. There is a drop-down menu that helps users to choose the section of their interest without wasting time. Your navigation is made easy; thanks to the organizational strategy and the tagged links. The loading speed on the site is also impressive. Of course, I expect a site with such light content not to present glitches but then again, if you have a bit of experience online, you will understand that nothing should be taken for granted. The designers must be given a ‘’thumbs up’’ for a great job. You are provided with detailed textual descriptions of the sexual encounters of the comic characters. It is a very affordable membership entertainment site that offers some of the lowest membership charges online. When you join it, you can stream all the comics and stories with no limits, but if you want to download the PDF files, you’ll have to purchase them individually, getting awesome 300dpi resolution files. All these images are high resolution photos. Since the content is largely textual and creative photos, it provides relative easy access with mobile devices. You’ve got to have a PDF reader on your mobile device to be able to enjoy the content provided. There are no bonus sites or live cam shows but as you have noticed, this is a unique soft-porn niche that is hardly replicated elsewhere. You enjoy a lot of exclusive stuff here.

Content Quality

Well, there are no videos here, but you get lots of entertainment from the comic photos and the narratives that accompany them. The photos feature a wide range of sex scenes and encounters bestween friends and strangers. There are wild sex orgies depicted in the pics. One of the highlights of my encounter with the photos and narrative details is from issue 7 of The Hot Romantic Encounters of TJ Hunter. The encounters leave nothing to imagination. There are photos of dudes having steamy sexual intercourse with pretty models in all lovemaking positions imaginable. I love the set of models as drawn by the Bestoryclub artists. The curves on the women’s bodies look so real. The bums, the faces, the pussies and the dicks come alive in crystal clear images that leave you drooling just like you would if they were real girl in the real world. There are over 261 galleries with 10 pics in each. I love the setting and resolution specs of the photos. These creative pieces come in 1280×960 P; an admirable size by any standards.

Long Story Short

Bestoryclub is a unique comic soft-porn entertainment site that offers exclusive content. It is an easily accessible site with lots of creative stuff. Although the site majors in textual descriptions and lots of sex impressions between comic characters, you will derive lots of fun from the ideas in the PDF downloads. If you have a knack for creativity and unconventional stuff in porn entertainment, then this is the ideal place to stop and have your fun.

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