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Thursday, 26 January 2017 / Published in Black / Interracial
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BlackGFSExposed Overview

There are a lot of different fetish website out there. Anything your mind could ever think of. Some websites focus on a specific niche and some websites are grand enough to carry these different niches and fetish. Petiteteens18 is one of those websites featuring women with innocent fresh looks which could make as think that they don’t know anything about sex yet but to every viewers’ surprise, these amateur girls are not amateur after all. If you are not into seeing girls doing sweet, nice and just naughty stuff, this is the website you are looking for. The girls in this website may look fresh and sweet but wait until they get horny. They can pleasure you much like any other mature girls could. This website has a lot to offer. The videos are in high definition and images are in high resolution.

There are not many videos just yet, but most of the ones in there are professionally and nicely filmed. The images feature fresh and amateur porn stars on the rise. The website doesn’t have bonus sites yet, but you could get yourself registered as a member so you could get a full view of the films. The videos are not yet regularly updated, in some sense, it could get a follower excited to see what’s going to be up next and not knowing when it is going to happen. Petiteteens18 as of the moment has a limited content but sure enough, they are already being worked on. They make up for it though in terms of quality as all of the videos in this website has been done in superb quality.

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Tech & Specs

The website is easy to understand. It is still a meager website on the rise. What you see on the home page is pretty much everything that you could get. Let’s take a look into their layout. The name of the website is on top left corner of the home page with the login option in the opposite end. A follower can make himself or herself a member to be able to view the videos in full length. Video snippets and images are neatly arranged in rows and columns for everyone to see. There’s no advanced search option, so one can just click on a video and it could lead you to a set of other films featuring the same type of scenes. The videos run for an average of 30 minutes, some of them are downloadable and some are not. The videos can be best viewed with the most recent version of flash player and should be in MP4 format. The quality of the videos are good and are above standards if compared to films on other websites.

The lightings and sounds are crisp and are definitely done in high quality. The photo galleries are a little limited in terms of quantity but have high resolution. With that being said, one can see clearly the innocence of the girls’ faces and be amazed of how good they are already in having sex. The quality of the videos and images captured are so good that they are able to capture the amateur and innocent looks of these girls as they do hardcore sex. The two concepts don’t really match with each other, but what is good to know is that the website is able to deliver. The girls’ ability to deliver a good and satisfying experience to viewers can make up for what it is lacking at the moment and could eventually set this website apart from the rest. Gaining a steady length of followers can definitely help out in building the website’s name and it all boils down to the girls’ ability to deliver their niche.

Content Quality

Let’s talk about the cream of the crop of this website. The ability for this website to gain followers and set themselves apart from other websites out there is their ability to deliver. This website’s niche is hardcore sex done by amateur girls. Hardcore sex can be found in pretty much any other website out there, so it really boils down to the girls’ ability to deliver if viewers will follow them or not. For most websites, they have full bloom women in their videos. They would rather invest in women with full boobs and asses to be shown off on their websites. Petiteteens18 invested on new porn actresses on the rise. Some of the girls here don’t have full breasts yet but it could also be a clear indication that they still have tight pussies. For porn site lovers, it could give an instant boner.

There is a video titled “Put it on me already”. The title in itself showed how much the girl is horny, she wanted her partner’s dick to bang her already. They say when you are new to having sex, that’s when you get really excited to get it. This video shows that. The girls look amateur and as if she doesn’t know anything about sex yet she obviously does have experience and wants more of it. Who doesn’t want to be banged by a hot guy with a huge dick anyway. You are out of your mind if you think you can still resist it. The video involved a lot of groping and petting, then it went on to her giving him a blowjob but her tight pussy won’t settle with just getting fore played, she wants to get into a more satisfying experience. Needless to say, our amateur model got what she wanted. He slowly inserted her huge dick to her tight pussy. His dick looks extra-large as he banged her meager body.

There is some more hardcore fucking experience you could find on this website. These girls are also good in doing blowjobs and getting the dick cum in their mouth and their face. There also threesome videos featuring these ladies. Pretty much what a more mature girl can do has been done by these girls as well and surprisingly, these girls look a thousand times better than mature ones doing it. These amateur girls are really no amateur when it comes to sex. Judging by the way they take a dick in their mouths and by the fact that their faces showed so much lust as a huge dick is inserted into their pussies, there is no doubt these girls are already experts.

Long Story Short

PetiteTeens18 is a meager website that is still in the works. I could understand the limited number of girls and videos available. A certain period of time will be needed to build everything up. Also, the niche they choose is something that has a very limited market of porn stars. The videos feature amateur girls and they are asked to do hardcore sex. The girls are the website’s greatest asset.

There may be a lot of advertisements and promotion done for the website, but if the girls are not doing it nicely, it could be a deal breaker. So far the girls are able to deliver what they are supposed to do. Just looking into the girls’ innocent faces while begging to be fucked, it can give anyone a boner in an instant. Generally speaking, this website can be a good one to watch out for.

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