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Friday, 18 December 2015 / Published in Black / Interracial
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Blacknextdoor Overview

Are you seeking out videos and pictures of regular ebony girls getting naughty but having no luck? Looking for some fresh chocolaty goodness but can’t quite find it? Well, that’s to be expected considering this particular niche isn’t as popular as some of us would like. But fear not, as BlackNextDoor might just be the pot of gold you’re so desperately looking for. Started by “Enjoy Bucks” in May 2012, this site has seen many ups and downs and has proven its worth by thriving this long with no major hiccups. The parent company owns eight other websites so you can safely expect a professional and polished experience from this particular player. Is it worth that much money? If you’re into ebony girls, then the answer is definitely yes. While you may prefer not paying anything at all, being compelled to watch all those annoying advertisements and being subjected to malware on those so called free websites gets tiring after a while.

Tech & Specs

The layout of the website is simple and effective. It’s not the most advanced in terms of intuitive user interface, certainly, but that’s not what you’re there for. You’re there to get some quality ebony action, and the interface of BlackNextDoor makes sure you get what you’re looking for without distractions or hassle. Just as an example – there’s no fancy login page with gimmicks and do-hickeys. Instead, you get a simple login prompt when you click on that login button. No loss of bandwidth or time. That’s how it is, and that’s why you’re likely going to love it. What stands out the most in browsing BlackNextDoor is the fact that each amateur model on the site has their very own page. That’s right, there’s actually a model catalogue, and it’s no easy feat to maintain on a site hosting non-professional model footage. This should make it easier to see if any of the girls you like have more content posted. Additionally, there are separate galleries for photos and videos, making it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for without the clutter. Many a times we’re looking for some good videos and annoyingly some real fun potential turns out to be just a still. No such unexpected disappointment on this site though, and it’s more of a relief than you’d expect. There is no live-cam, no sub-sites included in the subscription, and BlackNextDoor doesn’t get updated daily. But BlackNextDoor makes up for all of that by providing all original amateur videos and pictures of real ebony sweethearts getting raunchy and hot without inhibitions or worry. You get exactly what you’re paying for – there’s simply no need to lure you in with side offers and freebies.

Content Quality

BlackNextDoor has made it a point to host only amateur videos and pictures, so you’ll see plenty of fresh faces all around. With some luck you might even get to watch that neighbourhood girl that turns heads wherever she goes. Either way, the site has got plenty of amateur videos and pictures to keep you entertained for months. With their catalogue containing hundreds of videos and thousands of pictures, your thirst for fresh chocolaty goodness is sure to be sated. If you sift through the available content for a while you’ll come to realize that it’s not just about sheer numbers, their variety leaves absolutely nothing to complain about. The range extends from serene and tantalizing solo and softcore performances all the way to hard-core and sizzling hot lesbian scenes. These ebony sweethearts may not be professional, but they definitely have the talent. Most girls on the website give off a fresh aesthetic feel and are quite easy on the eyes. They may not be professional porn stars but that’s not necessarily a weakness on their part. In fact, their lack of experience with the adult filming industry means their performances are more natural and watching them in their natural form is exactly what’s so special about videos on BlackNextDoor. The difference is the same as a handmade product and one manufactured in a factory. It may not be as professional or neat, but it’s definitely leagues ahead in other aspects. Professionally trained girls usually bring with them a clinical feel to the content, which makes it harder for the audience to relate with or enjoy, and BlackNextDoor makes sure to never resort to measures which may introduce such undesirables into their content. It’s made with love, and its flaws only make it better. It may not be for the perfectionist, but for those looking for amateur content it’s holy grail. The videos are served at 480p resolution, which is the standard for amateur videos. Of course, some sites may offer higher resolutions, but they’re either not in this niche or their content is professionally filmed and doesn’t quite have the homemade feel of BlackNextDoor. The formats vary from MP4 to M4V, which means you can also view the videos on most mobile devices. The site supports streaming and downloading, which is a great convenience when it comes to less reliable connections and when you simply can’t wait for a better network.

Long Story Short

There are other sites which may offer similar content, but none are quite like BlackNextDoor. Its videos have a unique homemade feeling to them and the content quality is top-notch, which gives it a credibility that’s usually not quite attainable for websites in this particular niche. It may lack in terms of interface and features, but the overall performance leaves us with no complaints. If you’re looking for an amateur ‘ebony girls’ porn site, this is the way to go.

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