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Thursday, 26 November 2015 / Published in Network
Adult pay site ranking with Brazzers review

Brazzers Overview

No wonder Brazzers has become one of the most popular and most cum-worthy porn sites in the adult industry. It isn’t just a porn site; it is a sky-isn’t-even-the-limit network to your wildest fantasies, whatever those fantasies may be! For over 10 years now, Brazzers has been creating top-quality, sexy erotic content, diverse XXX porn as well as dirty, crazy-ass reality fuck smut. Unlike many porn conglomerates, Brazzers is here to stay because it not only knows what its horny clients want, but it knows how to renew itself and never become complacent.

Through its history, it has always had its finger on the pulse of its clientele’s fickle cock and has never let it down (neither the clientele nor the cock!), creating fresh ways to arouse and titillate, developing spanking-new features and uploading original, explicit content daily. Based in Montreal, Canada, Brazzers is a network of THIRTY (count them, 30!) HD-quality, taste-specific porn sites that will satisfy the porn connoisseur, the fetish-distinctive adult entertainment consumer as well as any guy with particular tastes who just wants to get his rocks off.

Attracting the hottest and most popular porn stars in the business as well as up and coming newcumers (pun intended) from around the world, Brazzers films in some of the kinkiest of sin cities in the United States, Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles. When you join Brazzers and become a member, you are guaranteed your cock and balls will have the time of their lives. No matter what they crave, they will thank you for it!

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Tech & Specs

Brazzers boasts the highest quality design and its interface is one of the most user-friendly in the business. Its creators, content editors and IT guys clearly know what they like and what you will like, so they make sure that you don’t get lost in a shitload of mindless crap. As soon as you get to the home page of the main site, you will know where to go and what to do, so you can quickly get what you want, when you want it. Not to mention WHERE you want it since you can access Brazzers with an Android app, get optimized mobile and tablet access, watch it directly on a PlayStation3 console… Name it!

These are only some of Brazzers strong suits… and there are many. What is also great, is that Brazzers is not offering just the best quality videos and stars, it also offers great, original features like user voting which allows you to quickly see what other guys have already liked or disliked… as well as vote for what YOU have liked and not liked. A Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down voting system, a la Siskel and Ebert. The more you vote, the more the sites will give you MORE of what you like.

Of course, when you hit Brazzers, you can quickly go straight to a taste-specific site among the 30 to choose from and rapidly filter the stuff you are less into, browsing according to preferences, number of votes, most popular videos, names of pornstars… but you can also just click the ‘I am horny’ option. Can’t get any simpler than that, right? And what is to say about the unbelievably specific and precise ‘Fuck Stats’ feature? Man, every scene is detailed so you can know exactly what you are getting. Who can ask for more than that? Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, Brazzers also offers some top-quality still photos of its amazing videos, which is definitely an added bonus.

Content Quality

With over 2,000 pornstars starring in over 7,000 original video scenes to choose from – and once you become a member, you don’t HAVE to choose, you can have it all! Brazzers has always been a trailblazer as far as quality and variety. Whether you are into newbies or seasoned professionals of the porn world, whether you like girls with perky tits or women with big jugs (or the other way around!), whether you prefer MILFS who can teach you a thing or two or fresh chicks who are willing to learn (or girls who are willing to learn FROM MILFS!), you will find anything and everything on Brazzers.

If you are like me and you like a sex scene with a fantasy story, with dialogue that isn’t badly delivered and doesn’t sound fake, you will love some of the stuff on Brazzers. And there is plenty of it! If all you want is guys and girls getting it on in any position possible, you will find that, too… And plenty of it! If your thing is girl-on-girl, threesomes (2 girls, 1 guy or 1 girl, 2 guys), gangbangs, girls in solo masturbation sessions or sex toys, you will find all that as well. If you get off on specific ethnic types of ladies, you won’t be disappointed either.

On Brazzers, you will be able to zone in on Asian girls, Brazilian chicas, Czech goddesses (and those are just some of the A, B, Cs) or select Blondes, Brunettes, Red Heads… that give pussy, ass or head! If you are into any kind of fetish, you will also be able to select according to your preference. And if you’re not, but you want to explore, hey, you will get to do that, too. Girls are not the only ones who just want to have fun!

Long Story Short

Brazzers has undeniably become the most talked-about and jerked-off-to XXX site for those men who crave hot women of all body types and sizes. They are constantly innovating, creating fun, exclusive content like their original series American Whore Story and associating themselves with the best in adult entertainment. There is plenty of free porn out there, but if what you crave is eye-popping, cock-raising, ball-tingling hard-core HD quality stuff, you can be sure that Brazzers is worth every penny… not to mention that it is billed securely and discretely, too. So, what are you waiting for?

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