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Sunday, 10 July 2016 / Published in Gay
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Breedmeraw Overview

Have you ever heard of the term “bareback” yet? If you are a porn fan, then we are guessing that you might be familiar with the term already. We even think that you might be a fan of this porn genre already. However, for the average porn surfer, the term might not be too familiar so allow us to discuss it a bit in this porn review. The term was coined from the equestrian term which means riding a horse without a saddle.

Taking the cue from this, the word bareback is now a slang term in porn or in sex which means fucking without a condom. It could be oral, vaginal, or anal penetration – as long as it doesn’t involve a condom, it is bareback. The word is more commonly used, though, to refer to gay sex (still without a condom). For the sake of those who are not really so much in to gay porn, but are willing to take a look at it due to building interest or curiosity, or just for the love of porn, we know that most of the gay porn action goes through the back door, and our gay brothers commonly use a condom because it is much easier that way.

The lubricant on condoms, combined with the slippery material of the plastic, makes the insertion a lot easier. However, it is also obvious that it lessens the sensation. This is the reason why more hardcore men prefer not to use a condom anymore to feel everything and for more action. It’s much tighter, plus it is more satisfying once the natural lubricant of the body oozes out due to sheer euphoria. In this light, we are going to talk about a porn site that features some of the best bareback porn on the web. This porn site is called BreedMeRaw.

And don’t worry; it is as hardcore as it sounds. What’s more is that BreedMeRaw is also in partnership with other bareback porn sites. This means that once you have signed up for membership with them, you will also get to access the content of these other porn sites as an additional bonus.

It is important to note, though, that all of their membership options are recurring, so they rebill every time the membership duration ends – even their one day trial. Aside from the trial, they have a one-year option and a one-month option. You can pay for the one-year option monthly at a very low price; this is why it’s the most popular choice among the members, according to the site itself.

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Tech & Specs

The website design of the porn site is pretty impressive. Everything’s moving without you even having to click on them. It’s like their thumbnails are made out of gifs or animated images, but they are more like mini videos, if you get what we are saying. The same applies to their banners and other forms of ads on the site. From these animations alone, you will already get to see the high quality of all of their content.

Everything is professionally produced; even the setting of each video was well thought of and well planned. It all ties to the theme of that certain video or scene. Scrolling down, probably when you reach the middle of the page, you will then see another batch of thumbnails, these are the bonus content coming from the other bareback porn sites that you would get to access once you have signed up for membership with them. Some of these thumbnails, just like BreedMeRaw’s content, are also animated.

Content Quality

Aside from the animated previews, there is another thing that impressed us with this porn site – their choice of male porn stars. Almost all of them are freaking famous! Do the names Tyler Reed, Russ Magnus, and Sage Daniels ring any bells? They probably would because these men are some of the most popular male porn stars today – and they are all here! Their stars literally look like sex gods, with their body chiseled to perfection.

Not to mention that you get to see them fuck and suck each other. They are totally out of control, making each scene mind blowing. We can definitely spend hours in this porn site and not feel tired of watching, and we bet our gay porn fans would also agree with us. Let us now move on to the scenes. We also liked how the site touched on almost all of the different types of fetishes from military to jail sex scenes. There are also some special and unique ones in there but we would leave it all up to you to discover them.

Long Story Short

Overall we really recommend this porn site to all the gay porn practitioners out there. First, the membership plans are really worth your money. They are not too expensive, given the kind of content that you are going to get. Second, the porn stars that you are going to see here are all pros. They know what they are doing and they do it with hardcore conviction. You can literally feel the pressure and friction of every bareback scene that you are going to see here.

Finally, all of their videos are creative and high quality. You are not going to experience any problem with enjoying them as well because their servers are really fast. You can say goodbye to those annoyingly long waits that happens every single time you load a video to stream or download. If you are looking for a bareback gay porn site that offers everything you need all in one place then BreedMeRaw is it. You are not going to regret signing up for this bad boy, and while you are at it, why don’t you invite your other gay friends to sign up as well!

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