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Thursday, 15 September 2016 / Published in Mature
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BubbleButtTeachers Overview

A teacher is always right, they say. Well, that is especially true if you like watching milfs seduce guys, and then fuck them, right there in front of a blackboard. And they do that frequently, especially on a site, dedicated to just the thing, one called Bubble Butt Teachers. This site has a lot of cock hungry women, and they do not just stop at sucking them, no, they have to ride them, and do it all the way, ride them so hard that they explode with cum.

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Tech & Specs

When you first get to the home page, that is where the surprises start, at least, that is where they started for me. The first thing that you get to see on the site, and notice, too, is the background, as it looks just like a giant blackboard, although this one has many kinky things written all over it, things that you would love to see. At the top of the page, you can find some preview images, as well as the logo of the site.

A very simple and easy to use design is implemented, and very well, too, as you can use it to get to the content in no time at all, especially since nothing will confuse you or take your time along the way. The site also has many more previews, below, and you can click them, but would be prompted to go to the joining page, except, the sample preview videos that go with each individual video.

They also have short descriptions, that help you understand what is to happen in the video, even before you actually open it. What is more, with great bandwidth, everything runs smoothly, and opening a page is as easy as pressing a button. What is also important is that you can use the site from a mobile device, as they have a great version for them, one that is also optimized.

Content Quality

And then you get to the content, the cock hungry women. They will show you why the site is so good, and they will show you how to get an orgasm. They love sucking cock, and that is one of the primary things that you will see in a video. Sometimes, they tend to go and give their guys a nice lecture on etiquette and they do so in a very peculiar manner, though one that you will love. Hard sex usually follows those scenes of seduction, and one that you will enjoy, due to all the emotions and the passion that is displayed, as well as finesse in the art of fucking, itself.

The videos help, too, as their quality is superb, parred only to their length, which is 35 minutes, average. With over 25 videos for you to stream or download in the MPEG and WMV format, you get a lot for a cheap price. There is also the matter of the photos, that is, you can download those, too, and in the ZIP format, which go over 1500 in number. The site allows you access to over 15 other sites, all full with different content, which you can also stream and download. There is a lot to be seen here, and you can do so with one membership.

Long Story Short

This site is called Bubble Butt Teachers, and you would do well to remember its name, especially due to the fact that they have so much good content, from the girls themselves, the teachers, to the guys that love to fuck, too. They also provide you with bonus sites, and for free, too, so be sure to check them out.


This site no longer exists, we suggest you visit: JP TEACHER

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