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Bustygfsexposed Overview

Hi fellow Porn lovers! If you’re getting bored with the professional side of porns, with all the nifty cameras, grand settings and make-up-filled actors. Then I may have found what you’re looking for. Maybe you’ve been thinking “All these professional porn is getting repetitive, I guess it’s time to see REAL PORN, with REAL SEX, and AMATEUR TYPE of videos.” If you’re the type of man who’s looking for authentic, homemade and amateur types of porn, then BustyGfsExposed is the site for you!

I’ve taken a keen amount of time to take a really good look at this site. You know what I’ve got to say about it? two words my brother, I’ve only got two words to say about it… “REAL STUFF” this site gives the most LEGITS of all LEGITS, the most REALISTIC of all REALISTIC, the most AMETEURS of all AMETEURS! So why not place yourself in a comfortable sitting position and take a moment to read what’s in store for you. I promise you, this one is something you won’t regret at all!

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Tech & Specs

When I arrived to this site, I was surprised. Honestly, I was really surprised. If you’ve been to an average paid porn site, you will notice that you don’t get much navigation around the site. Especially the videos. But not this one. Definitely not this one. Once you enter Bustygsfsexposed website, they will show you a home page FULL of videos which you can totally access once you become a member and… oh my freaking fuck… I don’t even have the words to describe the sights I’m seeing right now. I see boobs and amateur looking stars everywhere. These girls are getting drilled in different locations around the world as where. From your classic car set up, to a motel bed room. But the thing I noticed the most, is how the videos are arranged.

They are arranged in three columns, and they really cranked up the size of the videos so you could enjoy a sight to behold, and guess what, the videos are also resized according to your browser! Which means you don’t have to worry about technical problems like, “the video is too big” or “the video cannot fit your browser” this website adapts to your browsers capability. Also, another thing to be excited about this site, other than the fact that they have a huge amount of exclusive videos on their site, they also upload NEW VIDEOS, every week! Say Sayonara to boredom! The web design is also simple. The background is a clear white screen; I don’t know about you but I think that’s a good thing. Too much background graphics could make me dizzy. All we really want to see are just the videos, so that’s a plus point as well! Now why don’t we head over to what we’re really after….

Content Quality

Buckle up your seatbelts gents. If you think you’ve already heard half of it, then you are in for shock. So I took the privilege of watching some of their videos. You know what? These girls know what they’re doing! Oh! I mean the other way around; these girls Don’t know what they’re doing! But that’s exactly what makes it so hot! You can really see the authenticity and amateur-like-behavior of these sweet girls as they try to do some deep throats. They have sex like it’s their first time getting banged up, and I mean really banged up! The action is varied, with sexy girls to MILFs. There are Latins and ebony girls, besides a throng of white girls varying from all shades of hair color. All of them, of course, have this one big thing in common: big boobs! Some are curvy all over, but mostly they all have relatively slender hips. There’s a great mix of solo, lesbian and hardcore humping action. You’ll find 10,000 videos that can often be downloaded in several formats, including Windows Media, MP4, AVI, M4V and MPEG.

You can also be assured with good quality playback. A lot of of the fresher videos are in an HD format as well, and guess what? There is NO Download limit, and the iPad to mobile access is FREE as well! If that doesn’t impress you then I don’t know what will! You can also find 300 photo galleries that often come with high-resolution pics and you can download them all for free. To top it all off, once you become a member, you get exclusive access to 9 MORE porn sites! Did I say that right? I did… that’s right! You get 9 more porn sites for free! Namely known as Da GFs, including Real Lesbian Exposed, Real Black Exposed, Real Latina Exposed, Real Emo Exposed and French GFs. That’s a huge pack of plus points once you become a member and provide you with a lot more porn, and a whole lot more of cute amateurs just waiting in store! This website just killed every other porn site there is!

Long Story Short

Now let’s take a step back and sum up everything we’ve looked up so far. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see sex being done as if it’s their first time, right? that’s what true sex is about. The feeling of hesitation and fear, but with a whole package of lust and excitement all kept within just waiting to be ripped open. Also the bonuses this site offers. Free porn sites, free downloads, and free mobile and IPad access. That’s a real turn on for me, in my opinion. So if you’re looking to see authentic and real with a first-time-feel type of sex. You just hit the jackpot. If I were to choose between Pro porn stars and Amateurs, I’d definitely go for the amateurs. So If you’re planning to be a member. Those amateurs are waiting for you! Well that’s it for me! Hope you enjoy this review!

This website is no longer online, check out your next porn site!