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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 / Published in Tranny
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Extremetranny Overview

One of the top HD tranny porn sites where HD videos are aplenty, ExtremeTranny tops the list of shemale porn sites on the web these days. It is on this website that porn lovers can get to know what tranny sex is all about. It is also on this website where one can seek out gorgeous women who are hiding a great package underneath their skirt. Through the ExtremeTranny website, tranny porn lovers can easily satisfy their longing and craving for tranny sex.

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Tech & Specs

Starting with the site’s design and layout, most users will be happy to know that the ExtremeTranny porn website sports a very easy-to-navigate website. This provides a smooth browsing experience for the members. To further offer a better experience for ExtremeTranny members, the site dedicates to providing only exclusive content, whether it be the videos or the photos. Upon logging in, you will only need your username, password, as well as go through the verification process. The videos and photos don’t have passwords on them. There are no advertisements in here that will interrupt your watching. It is definitely a good site for you to spend your porn moments. In case you want to start viewing the content, then check out the video archive first.

The videos here in the site usually have a duration average of 15 minutes. They can either be streamed or downloaded. The videos are available in MP4 formats regardless of whether you stream or download them. No download limits are placed on the videos, though. That means that you can download as many videos as you want. Moreover, you will surely have a smooth experience when downloading the videos because the download managers work really well. You can make use of a maximum of 8 channels and you can pause or resume your download. When streaming, you have the site’s streaming player which is a medium Flash player. It is up to you whether or not you will be jumping ahead of the scene.

There’s a five to ten-second buffer but the playback is smooth. If you like the scene, you should be able to give your rate to it. All the videos that you can watch here in the ExtremeTranny porn site, currently numbering to more than 63 videos, are all of good quality. Moving on, there’s the photo gallery here on the site too. Currently, the site boasts of more than 91 photo galleries and each one of them has 100 pictures in them. Most of the pictures are high-resolution ones, some having as high as 1600×1200.

You’ll have to save them one by one if you want to have a copy of the pictures on your phone. Aside from the ones that are already in the gallery of the ExtremeTranny porn website, expect that some content from its sister websites can also be found here. These sister websites can be considered as bonus sites for ExtremeTranny. Some of the websites to take note of include Smoking Bunnies, Her First Kisses, Porn On Stage, Pervert Clips, Only Breast, Crazy Pee Girl, Rio Bang, Sapphic Lovers, Brazil Party Orgy, and much more.

Content Quality

There are many models who have graced the ExtremeTranny porn website with their presence. Just like the site’s name suggests, expect that the porn stars who are featured in the movies and pictures here on the site are ones who are considered to be transexuals. The site will offer you lots of transsexual porn with hardcore scenes such as barebacking shemales, threesomes, and orgies. As for the model appearance, it should be good to note that while these porn stars look so much like women, they are still ones who have been once male.

They may have the boobs that men love but their lower region still has a man’s package. Most of the models are white-skinned trannies but there are ethnic models thrown in the mix too. You will be able to find some who are amateur looking as well as some who are semi-professional looking. There are some trannies who are proud of their slender body type while there are also those whoa re average inbuilt. Basically, you will have a wide range of girls to take advantage of when you are subscribed to the ExtremeTranny porn website.

Long Story Short

It should be easy to decide by now which one of the tranny websites online you should be subscribing to. There may be too many sites but there is nothing out there that can beat the ExtremeTranny porn website when it comes to providing the most amazing tranny porn content ever. Starting with the simple website design to the numerous features it has to offer as well as the high-quality photos and videos already uploaded to the site, you are already getting the most value out of your porn money.

In addition to that, the models who are featured in every scene are also worth your attention, whether they are the men who are pumping their meat hot rods or the women who are hiding their dicks underneath their pants. These gorgeous porn stars will keep you hot and bothered as you sexually satisfy yourself with every video and photo on the site. Bonus content is waiting for you here in the ExtremeTranny porn website too. If you want to enjoy all of these goodies that the said porn website has to offer, then it is only natural that you sign up for a membership now. It will be surely worth the money.

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