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Sunday, 29 November 2015 / Published in Anal
Top premium adult website where you can find a huge collection of hardcore porn videos all visible on your PC, mobile/tablet and TV

Exxxtasy Overview

This is one of the first porn sites to avail its content on digital TV. It is a predominantly a hardcore porn site that features experienced pornstars in both group and paired sex orgies. You can view all the action on big screen via Roku TV.

Tech & Specs

The site comes to you in complete navigational design. It provides you with an easy search tool that helps you go straight to your favourite content. It is also connected to Roku TV. The drop down menu is detailed and works as a welcome tool that assists user navigation. It is a perfectly user friendly site that is tweaked for mobile access. You can view the content seamlessly on tablets and a couple of other devices apart from PC. Do you long for a live cam show? Well, subscribe to this site and request for the service. It will cost you a little more but I guess nothing compares with live cam in porn. There are no bonuses or extras. If you don’t think quality and live cam service is enough, try watching all the available content. The site offers a whooping 2198 videos available in MP4. I don’t know how long it would take to watch the whole set that constitutes 25 minutes of playback each but I know you wont exhaust that even, in a week. If you have a special place for still photos, you might have to do with the videos alone because there are no galleries here.

Content Quality

The models are experienced and attractive. They appear in various scenes as they swing between lesbian sex sessions and multiple gender sex orgies. There are plenty of sensual activities that revolve around dick sucking and anal penetration. You are presented with several scenes featuring the beautiful models that often prefer to retain their pantyhose lingerie and sharp heels. The girls have sex behind apartment buildings, in living rooms of large houses, in bedrooms, on different beds and wherever the opportunity arises. They do not seem to discriminate. In fact I was treated to a lot of reality scenes in which girls screw with girls and later enjoy sex sessions with dudes. I was captured by the antics of, arguably, one of the most outstanding models on the site. She goes by the name Lily Carter. The girl shows insatiable appetite for hard stuff. I love her free flowing blond hair. Her beautiful sturdy body complete with a nicely backward-bulging bum. She has this electrifying smile that lights you up whenever you glance cross paths with hers. She looked at me several times as she sucked at an attractive looking cock; attractive because it was large enough to make Lily moan even before it was fully inserted in her ass. She consequently upped the stakes as she folded up to take in the whole shaft, grabbed the dude’s balls and began to squeeze them softly in rhythm with the thrusting movements of the cock inside her. In her element, Lily takes on a man and a woman in a sex orgy. She lets the man insert his generously large cock in her as she turns on the heat on the female sex mate. I was impressed by the way the girl remains the protagonist in the scene irrespective of the muscular man who does a good job at taking the game to her. Lily manages to get both characters into ecstatic orgasm characterized by loud sensual moans.

Long Story Short

Exxxtasy cannot be over praised, the writing is on the wall, even though there is always room to make things better. I think this site is currently as good as it gets,with the live cam shows, the great quality videos and the Roku TV option!

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