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Gayroom Overview

The GayRoom is the network hub where you can reach the content of 12 hardcore porn sites. There are lots of juicy niches covered, and the network has a neat collection to browse. These sites have high quality videos, great sex and amazing porn stars and newbies performing for your entertainment.

This porn network is powered by the AMA Multimedia, and it’s part of the BoyProfits program. That’s why you may find the site and the network portals’ layout familiar – it’s the template that the straight network, the PornPros uses. The GayRoom has been online since 2010 – though some of the included sites might offer a bit older content. In the six years it has been around the network grew into a considerable one which you shouldn’t miss out when you are looking for gay networks to join.

During the time we were visiting the site, there were over 1,300 hardcore porn videos, featuring some really stunning porn stars, and starlets. Most scenes are also added with a matching set of photos. The sites, or we would rather consider them as series are all covering a niche: there is monstercock porn, casting-couch sex, massage room porn, and some series cover corruption videos, in which the claimed straight guys are turned into gay playthings. There is a site which even covers not just hard sex, but its videos are made to look like actual voyeur footages. The network content is exclusive, and most series are growing with one video every week or so.

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Tech & Specs

By the looks of it, the GayRoom is really a professional network. This site has a neat interface and a nice tour to take. It uses a simple black color theme, with a few shades in use, and the home page lists several large, colorful and sexy pictures. The free tour offers enough info on the content, and it’s not a cheapskate tour: you can watch trailers too. When you log in, you will find yourself in front of a simple, but good-to-use portal. The main menu is located on the top, and you can reach the scenes and the guys from there.

There is also the search field, and the quick-jump dropdown menu where you can select a network site. And there is another menu, with the extras too. There are unlimited download and streaming capabilities. The videos are streamed in FLV format, and they are all offering you good to excellent playback. If it’s available, even HD resolution is available on the site. Downloading is the way to get the best video quality, because that offers the best resolutions: HD and even Full-HD files are available for download.

Content Quality

Since the GayRoom is the hub of the whole network, it’s evident that it offers the largest collection to access, and the videos you can reach here are not just hot, but the guys in them are all varied and damned sexy. In this collection of guys you can find everything you might wish for… except for fat dudes. The models here are actual models, actors, who have not one milligram of extra fat on their bodies. It’s a good thing, and since the network isn’t features kinky or heavy hardcore porn, the lack of big guys isn’t really an issue.

When you explore the collection, you will find that many guys are not the greatest big-shots, but they do an excellent job. There mostly mature man (usually under 40) and twinks. Both of these types are worked out, and though the twinks are skinnier, they also keep their body fit and their ass tight. As far as it can be detected, the models of the site are all professionals, and while some are just started in this business, we’re positive that most of the guys are having a great time, and their future is bright. The most surprising thing we noted about the collection is that it has a large number of ethnic guys.

There aren’t too much Black guys, but the amount of Latino models is good, and their appearance make the collection much more varied. In case you like hardcore sex, and you also enjoy watching two (or more) guys fucking around the clock, you will really relish the time you spend on this site. There is only professionally made porn here and they are all shot in reality-style, though many of them cover an interesting fantasy.

There are studio-shot scenes, which feature different situations or fantasies. There are casting-couch videos, which ride the wave of popularity the casting videos have (in the straight industry). You can enjoy here two series (sites) which focus on massage- and spa-themed porn. These exciting scenes have hard sex, but with the guys’ covered with massage oil, they look glamorous. Even those who like to watch hardcore sex with a voyeur element can find here what they like, because one of the sites offer videos featuring gay sex in public environment.

In case you are someone with a fetish for huge cocks, you can find a large number of videos on two sites – these portals offer exciting porn videos with monstrous cocks widening tight assholes. The GayRoom has some bits of kinky, but the overall impression we have is that it’s a mainstream network. Also that fact that there is no bareback sex strongly supports our conclusion concerning the style.

Long Story Short

The GayRoom is a network you shouldn’t miss if you are looking for hardcore gay porn with gorgeous guys and in high quality. Since the sites are updated almost every week, the number scenes grow steadily, and it won’t be far when the network reaches 2,000. Also, it might be a good sign that the other network of the company started to produce 4K videos, so it’s possible that the included sites’ number will grow, and you gain access to another hot site. Until then, enjoy the existing collection of this neat network.

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