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Friday, 08 July 2016 / Published in Gay
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Gayviolations Overview

On this site, you can browse a collection of hardcore porn videos, featuring some really hot gay models doing hardcore sex in public places, and a hooded figure playing practical jokes on unsuspecting victims: like pulling down their pants and spank their ass. The main niche here is voyeur porn, and some look to be genuine, the major content is staged, and the models are aware that they are being recorded.

The GayViolations launched in 2010. During our review we found 168 hardcore porn videos of this series – the members’ zone is a network hub – and it looks like that there are no new scenes coming in. It seems that the GayViolations is one of those few sites in the GayRoom network which doesn’t offer new videos anymore. In this case, the scenes ceased coming in 2012. Though the site doesn’t have new videos anymore, the collection is neat, and you also have to keep in mind that you can’t find these videos on any other porn sites.

The membership on the GayViolations also has some other benefits. Since this portal is a part of the GayRoom network, it’s probably quite evident that you gain access to the whole collection. There are 12 sites in this network, and you can reach their content easily from the members’ area. Some of the bonus portals are no longer updating, but the majority of these portals are still receiving updates on a quite frequent basis. When we looked around the collection, we found circa 1,300 videos, and as far as we could see, most of the other sites offer usually more than 100 scenes. The network collection is unique, and you can’t find these scenes outside this closed circle of sites.

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Tech & Specs

The home page of the GayViolations is quite simple. As a visitor, you can view a few preview trailers. If you’ve gathered enough information about the content, you have the option to join, and knowing that you get a full network to watch, you should do well to get in. Once you are inside, you are welcomed by the main hub of the GayRoom network. From this members’ zone, you can reach the site’s collection, just as you can browse through the whole network. There is a basic search engine to help you get around the content. Every video’s page features a large Flash-player.

The buffering speed is good, and the player responds well, so the playback quality is an overall good. You have unlimited downloads too, so if you want, you can save the flicks: WMV and two MP4 files are offered to save. Due to the nature of the content the camera handling is shaky, but the resolution is really good. Naturally, the site with voyeur content only offers video captions, so you won’t find here any actual photos. These galleries are available in zip format too. The template the site uses responds to mobile devices which makes it easy and quite comfortable to use on such devices.

Content Quality

The GayViolations is the urban-themed voyeur-styled porn site of the GayRoom network. Here you can enjoy a good number of porn videos which cover a few hardcore niches, and they are done in a way which makes a man believe that they are real footages. But they are not. These guys are doing their things on purpose, and it’s a fact that they are not amateurs. Every video of the GayViolations features hot porn stars and starlets who are brave enough to do porn in public and semi-public places.

The scenes mostly feature the twink-looking porn stars of the network, but you can find among the models a few older, more athletic ones. Mostly Caucasian guys appear in these videos, but it also looks like there are a few ethnic models too, who bring a nice diversification into the scenes. We have the impression that those who are responsible for these videos were focusing on those who like fresher lads, because these scenes usually feature couples of twinks, but the older-twink setups are also quite exciting. Since the videos are shot in a voyeur style, sometimes they are taken from a large distance. This makes it sometimes a bit harder to depict what’s going on. But eventually the guy with the camera moves closer to the couples, and you can see everything – you can’t miss the juicier parts of the action.

As you watch the videos, you will certainly got the impression that the models here are doing a great job, and they are indeed trying hard to make you watch their videos. The fantasy and the voyeur style mixed with these great bodies and the good sex makes this collection outstanding. Naturally, public sex doesn’t makes it possible to do everything, so in most cases, you will see here anal sex and blowjobs. Also, if you are turned on by watching sex with guys who are not naked, these scenes will certainly become your favorites real soon.

This niche is surprisingly popular by the way, and when it’s done right, the experience talks for itself. Those who like to watch cute boys doing nasty things in an urban environment will enjoy these videos pretty much. In case you want to watch these guys in other – harder – videos, you will find the network sites come in handy, because almost all guys have one or more hardcore scene on one of the included portals.

Long Story Short

The GayViolations has a collection which is rare in the gay industry. Though the videos are not totally real, they provide a fine change, and many of these flicks are quite fun to watch. There are some interesting events too – not just sucking and fucking – and these are the gay ways of “sharking”: in many scenes unsuspecting guys are getting their pants pulled down, they even get their asses spanked, but it’s not unusual that the guys steal the other’s clothes.

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