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Thursday, 29 June 2017 / Published in Tranny
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IKillItTs Overview

An exquisite tranny porn site, IKillItTS is unique in many ways. Presented by the Trans500 network, IKillItTS’s uniqueness stems from the premise with which it has been created and designed. Hat’s off to IKillItTS for having identified the sexiest trannies with monster cocks, and having their asses pounded by none other than Super Ramon. Super Ramon has a truly monster dong which he uses to best effect that will make you cum hard.

What you will like about IKillItTS is not only the chicks with monster dicks but the whole gamut of features that it is loaded with. This features rich site has everything to make you cum hard, be it the performances of the chicks, their moans and screams, as well as the studs who fuck the hell out of the trannies’ asses.

Watching porn on IKillItTS is awesome, and you can take advantage of its amazing porn contents. The affordability of the site cannot be matched, and this is one thing we will cover in the design and features section in this review. The review will also cover the girls and videos, that you will love to read, for that’s the reason for you watching such porn contents. You will find that this review will be beneficial, especially when you are in a dilemma as to whether you need to subscribe to IKillItTS or not. And if you trust the authenticity of this review, you will surely end up subscribing. And a surprise does await you in the design and features section.

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Tech & Specs

One thing we loved about IKillItTS is the way it has been designed to reflect the look and feel of Trans500, its parent site. The overall design follows what you will see in Trans500, as well as all its member sites. You will find a beautiful slideshow at the top, a unique coloured tab section, a large banner of the latest video and a grid and array of videos and pornstars respectively.

The unique colour for IKilltTS is blue, and this is reflected beautifully across the site, in patches as well as clumps. The tab section reflects the blue very beautifully and is used in appropriate measures throughout the site. You will find the blue in the links, the names of the porn stars and for special features on the site. Against the white background, the blue looks awesome, and very soothing to the eyes.

A wonderfully placed slideshow at the top sets the tone for the rest of the site. The slideshow features three selected videos, with trannies sucking Super Ramon’s monster cock and having their asses pounded with his cock. The clarity of the slideshow is awesome and the name of the pornstar and the title of the video are also mentioned. The blue is also reflected beautifully on the slideshow, with additional colours in the form of purple and magenta.

The latest video uploaded, with its date of upload, the name of the pornstar and the title of the video are seen in a banner. Below the banner, you have a brief description of the video in question. To the right, there are three photo thumbnails, one below the other, to show the kinkiness of the slut, sucking cocks and getting fucked hard.

Videos are organized in a neatly arranged grid. The HD thumbnails show the slut getting her boobs fondled and groped, or having their asses pounded. An array of top TS chicks on IKillItTS is seen to the right of the grid. Having a glance at these naked and semi-naked sluts is sufficient to get your cock saluting them in full glory.

Before we proceed to the next section on the girls and videos, it pays to review the affordability of IKillItTS. IKillItTS has about 7 plans, and ranges from a two-day trial pack to a monthly, quarterly, 7-month and a lifetime membership plan. If you want to enjoy the most on IKillItTS, you must opt for the lifetime membership plan. Pay once and relax for the rest of your life, reeling in the fact that you need not pay again for relishing ecstasy.

Content Quality

What we loved about IKillItTS is the fineness with which it has selected its pornstars. The sluts are true trannies, and on IKillItTS, the sluts featured are ones with monster cocks, though there are many trannies on Trans500 to jerk-off to. And when you include Super Ramon into the picture, fucking these trannies’ asses, your masturbation sessions will see a manifold increase in both strength and vigor.

IKillItTS features the most beautiful trannies who have become famous throughout the world with their sexy attitudes and awesome performances. Watch out for names like Ashley Cherry, Casey Kisses, Natassia Dreams, Andrea Juliana, Carla Novaes and Bianca Petrovicky and you will realize why these trannies are so well-known the world over.

These bitches have amazing boobs, perky nipples, slim and slender bodies and waists, perfectly shaped and round asses and monster dicks that can shame any man. These sluts know what makes a man go wild, and do everything to make this happen. Sucking cocks or taking them into their asses, these sluts make things look like a walk in the park, simple and easy. Imagine, trying to fuck a tight ass or take a monster dick into a tight asshole. It is not only tough, but quite agonizing too, and this is where these kinky trannies score highly.

Whether they take Super Ramon’s dong or any other guy’s monster cock, they do it with a panache that cannot be done by anyone else. Watching these bitches’ getting their asses drilled and sucking cocks is the most beautiful thing in life.

Long Story Short

Now it is time to conclude, and we must recommend IKillItTS for your kinky pleasures, for you will realize how wonderful this site is when you want to jerk-off. The performances, the beautiful chicks, the lovely site design and affordable lifetime membership can give you utmost satisfaction. You will love IKillItTS more than anything else in this world. So, subscribe for it now, and enjoy years of awesome porn.

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