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Monday, 23 May 2016 / Published in Euro
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Inflagranti Overview

Do you know what country has the best women to have sex with? I know. It’s those that are from Germany! Why? Because it’s in their genes to withstand the most hardcore fucking cock there ever was. What I have here for you guys are the stuff of legends. This site has been founded since 1997! Talk about experience! I’m not joking! These girls have been trained and learned the most erotic and satisfying sexual intimacies for almost 10 years now, and what’s more? They are all from Germany! In fact, they are the number one German Porn in the world.

Another nice fact is that these guys started of just filming sex scenes for personal purposes, they never intended to sell these videos in the first place. But people can sense natural talent when they saw the videos, and now here we are with a website that’s barging its way to the top of the porn industry with it’s realistic, erotic and hardcore German porns! These include women from all over Germany, carefully handpicked, and trained to endure the most hardcore sex a man could ever drill inside of them. The website is named Inflagranti. Inflagranti by the way, in German, means “blazing offense”. Now that’s one hell of a name. Why don’t we take a peek and see if the site lives up to its great name and formidable predecessors!

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Tech & Specs

The website is just amazing. It’s as if it’s alive! Once you enter, you’ll be greeted by this huge video with audio as a cover for their homepage. The video features a lot of scenes that are just fuckingly awesome. The site’s color theme is red, white and black. Very classy color choice, I really like how they blended it with the background and foreground. Almost every tab is flash animated. There are five main tabs in the top corner of the homepage. The tabs include “Videos”, “Pornstars”, “Photos”, and “Niches”. Now I may not be able to talk about every tab and every category this site has, but I’ll be sure to cover the interesting ones. Let’s start with the Pornstar tab. This section leads you to the page where all the porn stars are just laid out there for you to see. These are amazing models by the way. Each one of them has their own personality that is clearly presented in their profile pictures. I also like the animations where you get to hover your mouse on top of each model and they kind of pop up in to your screen so you could have a good look at them. You may also notice there are some blank pictures that says, COMING SOON.

These are indications that the site continues to add more talent to their fold every month. If you look in the upper part of the porn star page, you’ll also see the TOP 10 selections, the Latest Released selections, and the Most Viewed selections. I really admire porn sites that gives effort to gather this information. Saves you the hassle of spending too much time searching for the best videos out there. Now for my favorite tab selection, it is one of the Main tabs, it is called, “Niches”. In this tab, you are given the opportunity to select the categories of the type of stars you want to see. Now it’s not just any kind of category you’ve seen out there.

These girls are just too amazing that they just have to make whole new category names for these German wonders. The category names are AllPopp or Hopp, Public Sex in Berlin, German Pornstars, Wives from Germany, German Fetish Freaks, German Lesbians, Dominatrix of Germany, Gangbang Germans, and last but not the least, Machine Fuckers. To top it off, they have perfectly optimized the site to be compatible with all mobile devices that can connect and watch videos from the internet. The website has such amazing and fresh features that there are more left for you to discover.

Content Quality

Now to the part where we’ve all been waiting for. THE LADIES!!! The German girls here in their site have that kind of Amazon woman attitude! They are just plain ruthless and addicted to hardcore! They don’t start soft like most porns do! They head straight to business and fuck their man so hard that you’ll cum before you can shout “aaah”. But not only are they ruthless, they’re damn beautiful too! Some models here have been professional models on TV, and the way they look at you with their eyes are just priceless! Imagine having to fuck one of these strong hearted girls until they lose all their dignity!

They are just amazing! But besides hardcore professionals, there are also amateurs in this site too! They have their own touch of sex magic that will leave you dreaming about how their innocence were crushed from the back side! As for the video quality, it is amazingly topnotches! They have used cutting edge cameras that are designed to pop in close with lossless quality and enables you to see these stars close up and hear their moans as they are being fucked till you drop! Lastly, the downloads are unlimited too! So you’re free to download as many videos as you like so you could watch them for later!

Long Story Short

Inflagranti has really done a spectacular job with their site. These models are just freaking unbelievable. They might look naïve and innocent in some of their profile pic but once you see them transform into this sex goddess, you know you’re in for something good! I would like to recommend this site to anyone who’s reading this today. This site has really got what we hardcore men really want. So as for my ratings, this site is a perfect 100%!

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