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Insanecoed Overview

I love porn, not because I jerk-off to it, but because it has managed to carve a niche for itself among the various industries across the world. I believe that the porn industry is among the most successful industries today, and the reasons are plenty. The porn industry has been aggressive, innovative and has evolved over time. From humble beginnings with MILFs and cougars as the porn stars, the industry has come a long way and today you can find a variety of sluts who adorn the porn industry. Hitherto, nerdy chicks modeling for a porn site was not a popular niche, but today, there are numerous porn videos catering to this niche. Contrary to popular belief, these sexy and hot nerdy sluts can give their best in front of the camera, and make you cum hard.

Sites that offer nerds at the core of their offerings are limited, but I personally liked InsaneCoeds. InsaneCoeds offers the sexiest and most beautiful nerds who are ready to get dirty for your pleasure and sexual satisfaction. They are innocent, yet kinky; scholarly, yet submissive; and shy but audacious. They can do anything, I mean, anything in the oddest and craziest of places. You will find sluts fingering, moaning and screaming in the theater, in the gym, during a match, and many other places.

Are you getting excited? You seem to be eager to know if these sluts do such kinky acts in public places for you to watch and enjoy. Yes, your thoughts are on the right track, and you will find many more such scenes on this site. You should now read this review so that you get an idea of what to expect from InsaneCoeds; and we are sure that you will subscribe to this site after you read the review.

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Tech & Specs

Nerdy bitches are different, and you cannot change them. They show a lot of responsibility at one time, and at another time, they snub you, as if you never existed. If you think sex is a taboo for nerds, think again. Nerdy intellectual guys and sluts want to experiment and fuck. Guys experiment by watching porn and masturbate. Whereas, sluts experiment by using dildos, finger their pussies and indulge in kinky lesbian acts, although very clandestinely. Wow, I mean, we are getting close to what this site offers us and we are sure that you will like what we will describe. Before we go on to describing the sluts, let us check-out the design and features that make this site stand out. A pink background gives a very female-ish look to the site. When you see an American or European chick and the background of this site, you will not find any difference. The similarities are stark and the girlish feeling will want you to check out more of this site.

The content is loaded in a central column, that is separated from the background by blue dotted lines. Against a pink backdrop, all video trailers are loaded for your viewing pleasure. The trailers show the sluts, their acts of masturbation and describing why they model on this site. There is a large photograph of the chick, in a very seductive pose, holding books or naked. Below the photograph and description, there are thumbnails of the slut naked, showing their pussies, asses and boobs.

A banner at the top sets the tone for your experience on this site. InsaneCoeds is written in orange and pink, with a few books as the backdrop. A hot looking slut completes this logo. The logo is very well thought-out. The slut looks serious with the spectacles, and the books indicate this, but she is not what you see. Behind those specs, she is a slutty bitch, who loves to play with cocks, dildos and vibrators, use her fingers to masturbate and make any guy cum hard. Photographs of topless sluts are displayed below the banner. The overall design and layout, in my opinion, was brilliant, and I particularly loved the logo that the site has designed, and it goes very well with the site’s premise.

Content Quality

InsaneCoeds is an exclusive site featuring the most amazing and slutty chicks for your sexual satisfaction. Their nerdy nature adds to the realism that this site brings to the table. The sluts are not your average porn stars. They are here, modeling on this site, for a purpose, and it could be for money, jewelry, to have a quick round of enjoyment or for any other reason. Thus, you will realize that the performances of the sluts are real and genuine.

Genuine performances help you jerk-off hard, and you would want to watch such chicks time-and-again till you have had enough of them. The sluts have been given a place in the tour pages, and a brief description of what she likes gives you an idea of why she is here. What I liked about the description was the way in which it was laid out.

Against the backdrop of a book page, the description looked outstanding. It is a well-thought out strategy to indicate that this chick is an intellectual siren; and don’t go by her looks, for looks can deceive. That’s the message the description indirectly gives you. There are two descriptions for a siren named Laura. True to her nature, she is a siren and loves to fuck many guys. Being scholarly and introverted, she was scared to relocate to LA, far away from her home in Florida. She was missing her boyfriend too. After relocating, her kinky nature attracted a hot hunk, who suggested she modelled for InsaneCoeds. And boy, isn’t she so happy! What I liked about Laura was the way her breasts looked.

Coming from Florida, she visits beaches very often, and tans her skin and only her nipple parts were covered by the bikini. The bikini shape is visible on her breasts, and this gives a unique feel about her breasts. Nipples are also well-developed, wanting you to suck them hard. This specific video had Laura playing with a bottle, and inserting it into her pussy. Oh, this is very sexy stuff. I want to insert a bottle in my girlfriend’s pussy, right now!

Long Story Short

InsaneCoeds is the right site for you to jerk-off to. With the Best Deal that you can sign-up to in order to avail of huge discounts, you get nothing but the best 29 porn sites, unlimited downloads and streaming of HD quality videos and photos, a responsive design and the most beautiful nubile sluts at your disposal; what more can you ask for? Click Join Now immediately and jerk off to sexy intellectual sluts!

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