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Friday, 15 January 2016 / Published in Asian
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Japbox Overview

The JapBox is one of those tube sites that offer you hardcore sex, gorgeous girls… and it also focuses on spectacular ethnicity: the Japanese. Every video here features this type of models, and as you will see there are real girlfriends, just as some very hot professionals, so called AV Idols. In case you prefer to watch hardcore porn videos and you don’t mind about average quality, the JapBox has some good stuff in store for you. Since it’s not a new site, it’s probably not too well-known among the porn users. During its two and a half years of operation, the site collected a great number of porn videos. As far as the updates are concerned, they seem to arrive on an irregular base, and usually in batches. Those who enjoy watching Asian girls in hardcore scenarios will find these videos to be quite astonishing, and considering the bonuses the site offers it just gets better. As far as we can see there are some very hot movies here, but with this update schedule you might find yourself without new videos to watch. Now, you don’t have to despair, because the JapBox is part of a network, which offers a great number of porn videos… and it’s all about Asians. As a member here, you also gain access to a large collection, distributed through three sites (JapBox included). This network is called LongTimePass, and the three sites are available from one main members’ zone. The AsianGF videos offers you a great collection of amateur, mostly really home-made porn videos with numerous Asian ethnicities present, while the YellowSpinners is all about start. The latest site offers you studio-porn with the hottest Asian porn stars mostly US based.

Tech & Specs

The home page of the JapBox looks quite average, and it gives a calming sensation that it’s not an overcompensating fake site with lots of promises and nothing to back it up. The free tour only gives you the ability to browse through the thumbnails of the home page, and that’s all you can do. In case you click on one, you get to the enlisting page. At first glance, the members’ zone may see a bit confusing, because it’s so simple. Log in, and you can see the JapBox videos listed over 7-8 pages. The main menu lets you access the other two sites’ content, though it might not be evident which menu for which site. Try your luck and see whether it’s amateur porn or studio-made. There are some filtering and sorting options, but no advanced tools are offered. The scenes of the Japbox are available in two forms: you can save them in MP4 of WMV format (there are even some HD flicks to get), but you don’t lose anything if you go for the online watching. The Flash-stream is quite satisfying, the playback is smooth, and the quality is also very good. There are also photo galleries with more hot action.

Content Quality

Since the JapBox is a tube-site, you can expect to see here some girls you might have seen on other porn sites. Nevertheless, there is a great number of chicks that you can’t find anywhere else. The JapBox has a mix of actual porn stars and amateurs, though they have a few things in common: for example, they are all Japanese and they are also all naturals. The professionals you can watch in action here are all gorgeous AV Idols, and they are so cute, that you wouldn’t really tell them from an ordinary girlfriend like those amateur hotties. Due to the mixed nature of the content you might find here a few girls with fake breasts, but as far as it can be noticed, it’s not a common thing among the models of this site. Most men are dreaming about having sex with a cute Asian with a tight body, and on the JapBox you can see how it looks like. There is a major part in the collection which features amateur, actually home-made porn videos, where Japanese and in a few scenes Caucasian guys fuck their cute Japanese girlfriend. And though every chick is Japanese, you won’t really think that they are all the same, every one of them has something unique: her eyes, her hair or the way she moans. The JapBox grants you access to a compilation of amateur and studio-porn. This fact alone ensures great variety, and in case you like Japanese girls and hardcore sex, you will enjoy watching these movies. As far as the videos’ length is concerned, you will see that they are quite varied. The home-made scenes mostly shorter than 10 minutes, while the professional, mostly studio-made videos run for more than 15-20 minutes. If you are interested in the quality of the videos let us say it again: it’s much diversified. You will see here some HD flicks, but that’s not the common mostly SD and low-res videos are featured (especially in the amateur section). We all know that these Japanese know a thing or two about porn, and it’s always likely that they get kinky at one point. If you don’t mind watching girls getting banged in public, or you enjoy a good bukkake without actual penetration, these videos will serve you right. The scenes here cover all popular niches, and if you are someone with a taste for hard porn, this neat collection should keep you entertained for a time.

Long Story Short

To whom we recommend to site: to you, of course, especially if you like Asians, and you don’t have a fixation for Japanese, because the included bonus sites will surely entertain you. These two extra video collections have numerous Asian ethnic girls, and you can enjoy the hot home-made porn videos, just as some top-notch studio porn.

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