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Monday, 29 February 2016 / Published in Amateur / GF
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Jizzpix Overview

The JizzPix has a collection that you might find quite interesting. This site focuses on amateur porn (though some professional stuff can be found in the videos’ list) and apart from that it has another focus point: to provide videos with cumshots. As you will see, the JizzPix lives up to its promises, and there are videos arriving regularly, offering hours of sweet, juicy sex. This site is a standalone one. It’s only three years old, but it has a large collection for you to browse, and it’s quite sure that you will enjoy surfing through it. Since its launch in 2012, the JizzPix has been updating on a daily basis, and it seems that they have been keeping this schedule, so you can watch a new porn scene every day. During the time of our review, the site had 3,500+ videos and over 5,080 picture sets. Don’t forget that the site’s name is JizzPix not JizzVids, that’s why you can find here a bigger compilation of photos than videos. The main niches are well-covered by the scenes and the photos, though it’s also evident that the scenes have more fun in them, while the photos might be in higher resolutions.

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Tech & Specs

The tour page doesn’t have much for you to browse: you can rest your eyes on the listed thumbnails, and apart from them, there isn’t anything else. The pictures however are quite good in quality, and they can give you the idea about what to expect here. If you’ve finished with looking at the thumbnails, you can head into the members’ area. You will find the members’ zone to be familiar, because it has a layout that looks like the largest social media site. Thus it will prove to be easy to use, and good to navigate through. There is a search bar on the top, it can recognize most niche-keywords, and the categories the site offers. Next to this, on the upper right area of the page, you can see the main menu. From here, you can get to the pages of the videos and the pictures, and you can also submit content. On the left of the page, you can find the account menu, where you can view your profile or log out. You can also add a profile picture if you want. Under this, they placed the categories list. Since the site uses some extra tags, you could do well to choose from here, instead of trying the regular keywords. Lower on the page, you can find the recently posted videos, so you can always find out what’s currently hot. The JizzPix is a streaming only site, so you don’t have to wait for download, and your hard drive also remains free. Since it is all amateur porn, the quality isn’t too great, these flicks are mostly in 480p or lower resolutions, so they load quickly. Each photo set contains about 8-10 pictures, and they are all photos, not screen captions.

Content Quality

On the JizzPix, you can see how todays girls are kissing goodnight to their boyfriend: with an exhausting blowjob and taking the load on their face. Some may find it dirty or even offensive, but today this behavior is accepted and expected in the new generations. When you open the site, you get the idea in the first seconds about what you can expect here. When an amateur-porn site gets a review, it’s always important to highlight, that the collection of this type of sites is never exclusive, and you can find the videos on other places… however, the collection of the JizzPix is really definite, and the videos all follow along the line the site set. It really seems that many of these videos are genuine home-made scenes (and the pictures too), and the girls in them are not pornstars. Most of them are barely adults, but they give so exciting blowjobs, that the professionals would envy them. Also, they can take a lot of pounding, and their fresh body is really flexible. As you may have counted on it, the girls here are all cute, natural chicks, who have every part of their body intact… except for their pussy and sometimes their ass. Though they are quite fresh, you don’t have to worry, there are lots of busty girls in these videos. Also they are varied in ethnicity, and you can enjoy the mischievous acts of cute Asians, Latina, Black, and probably Indian models too. The site claims that the videos are user-submitted, however (as with many other amateur-porn portals) there is always some content from professional providers. On this site the majority of the content is genuine amateur stuff, so they are really good in the matter of variety. Though these videos are not new they are good in quality, and the girls are do so nasty things, you won’t even care about quality. Though the site’s name depicts that there might be only cumshots pictures here, don’t worry, there is more. There are hardcore videos (more than 3,000) and they cover all nasty niches you could think of. Many scenes feature amateur orgies (you could even consider them bukkake sessions), and in most cases, there are creampies too, so it’s a juicy collection. Though the people in the videos are amateurs, you can see it too that they are putting on a great show for everyone. The length of the scenes varies, but rest assured, there are long hours of hardcore fun ahead.

Long Story Short

The JizzPix is a unique site, which might offer only non-exclusive porn, you will certainly come to the conclusion, it’s a definitive collection, and it follows the lines the site set up. If they would do some redesign of the inner page and add actually useful tags and options, this could be a really usable porn site, but at its current state it’s still recommended to all porn fans. Though it’s a standalone site, you can expect to find here a large compilation, and it seems to grow daily, so there is always something sexy and fresh to watch.

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