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Friday, 01 July 2016 / Published in Pornstar
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Londonkeyes Overview

LondonKeyes is one of those rare porn sites that will give you the best of entertainment and a free pass to a world that you never imagined that you could visit. London Keyes herself represents sexual freedom and quality entertainment; therefore, her site has only the best to offer. Hailing from Asia, a country where porn is usually censored, London Keyes was able to get to the top because of her passion for giving and receiving bodily pleasure.

She urges you to be intimate with her and abide by her sexual conduct. Without any second thoughts, we oblige. On a network where many solo porn sites thrive, the LondonKeyes website has tremendously grown ever since it was launched in September 2009. Growth is truly evident as the site was taken over by the PubaNetwork with only a few scenes. However, it currently boasts of a collection of 94+ videos and over 68 galleries.

In comparison to other sites on the same network, LondonKeyes has a promising future. The hot, curvy Asian will give you everything. She really knows how to use her appealing sexiness to her favor. As many Asian hardly make it as famous porn stars, London Keyes will prove to you that a genuine love for nudity in front of the camera can take you places. As an early porn lover, London has found it easy to embrace her bisexual nature. You can only imagine the kind of treat that you are in for.

The site strives to deliver into all kinds of porn acts. You will be able to witness masturbation acts, toy play, hardcore action and soft-core lesbian scenes. The site updates its content several times in a week and without a precise update schedule, you have to keep up to know what is truly going on. The shooting locations are very delightful as you will get to see London Keyes in the indoors and also getting naughty in the outdoors.

As Best oral sex scenes, 2012 nominee, you will be able to unveil the best oral sex tricks that you have seen on any adult platform yet. There are lots of different types of videos that will get you off. The LondonKeyes website has many types of perversions that you will find very hard to resists. Fortunately, membership also comes with access to 41 bonus sites. Some of these sites are part of the PubaNetwork while others are the best solo porn sites that you can ever find online.

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Tech & Specs

The nice mix of content is evident throughout the site. As soon as you log in, you will be met with trailers and photos that will tease your way into the member’s area, London Keyes has a different background color than the purple that is dominant on all of PubaNetwork site. The red and white color brings everything to life and enhances all the images. Taking everything a notch higher is what this site is mostly known for.

When it comes to navigation, the simple click of a button will lead you to many different places. On the top right corner of the page, you will be able to learn a little more about London Keyes. Personal information such as her date of birth, residence and color of her eyes is recorded. The site has a good number of links that encourages you to sign up for full membership.

It is truly convenient because it does not take more than a good pair of eyes to get around. A simple click on the videos trailers will lead you to the full-length scenes. In case you want to move from the scenes to the bonus site or the members’ area, the top menu will be the best ultimate guide for this.

Content Quality

The porn stars on London Keyes will give you a good teasing into the action. They are wild and intend to show you how crazy they can really get. London Keyes is featured in all of the videos. She is joined by Mia Lelani, Britney Amber, and Leya Falcon among other porn stars. As these are familiar faces, you already know the kind of action that you are in for. They go all the way out in entertaining you and pleasuring themselves.

The porn stars are nude in some scenes while they are sexily clad in skimpy outfits in other scenes. London Keyes stands out of the crowd. She is a joy to watch as she masturbates on a white couch and as she gets down and dirty with huge cocks in her mouth and inside her tight pussy. London Keyes will also give you the best interracial sex scenes as she gets intimate with Rob Piper. It does not matter where you want to start your viewing from, either way, you will be treated to oversized boobs, pink pussies and sexual moves that you have never seen before.

The professionalism that the porn stars embody is clearly evident. Throughout the scenes, they taunt you to watch them by teasing you using their nudity. When London Keyes masturbates, she truly steals the show because you can never take her eyes off her. If you do, you will never be able to forgive yourself. Most of the sex scenes are acted out. There are a few scenes where Mia and London Keyes are posing as principal and an eager learner.

The sex takes place all over the household and even in the outdoors. Regardless of where these porn stars fuck or get fucked, you will oblige to the rhythm of their movements and the sound of their screams. Their seduction will really take you on a ride to the wild side.

Long Story Short

If you are a London Keyes fan, you will find her hotter than you have before. The site is certainly worth a good look. LondonKeyes has everything going for it. You will be able to enjoy the quality of the content that is offered. There is no current interaction with the porn stars in terms of a blog or a forum but apart from this, London Keyes has all her goodies on lock down. You have to see it to believe it.

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