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Friday, 25 November 2016 / Published in Mature
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Realitykings Overview

We are certain that if you have a thing for MILFs, you are going to enjoy the videos of the MILFThing. The guys at the PerfectGonzo’s studio seem to also have something for MILFs, as this site offers you not just any old MILF porn, but some heavy hardcore double-penetration MILF videos, originating from Europe. What? Yes, you read it right: the site grants you access to gorgeous MILFs from Europe, getting a cock in their pussy and in their ass. And we haven’t mentioned the great video resolution yet! Well, we can’t actually write unbiased review of any PerfectGonzo website, because these guys are really providing, and we certainly love what they give us: hard sex, high resolution video, and amazingly hot porn stars.

There is only one big downfall of the MILFThing: the lack of recent updates. It seems at one point they stopped adding new content for the site, and nowadays it offers a selection of upgraded videos, usually at HD and Full-HD resolution. However, the porn here is very good, and if you are in search of hot European porn, but you don’t want to join those big studios, the membership here becomes quite tempting: you get full access to the PerfectGonzo.

The network consist of 10 sites. Truth to be told, there are a few series which are discontinued, so you will have to settle with only the fact that out of ten sites, only seven updates regularly. They add 2 new videos every week to the network, and it’s random which site receives. It might even happen that the MILFThing gets a new flick once in a while. We love the PerfectGonzo for the great quality and because they seem to take their word seriously: if they promise you exclusive, hardcore, gonzo porn, you are going to get that. This network has the usual goal: to keep you entertained and interested. In order to do so, they also give you access to regular extra content such as personals and live streams.

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Tech & Specs

The PerfectGonzo websites had gone through some design changes recently. They look quite good, and now they are also mobile friendly. It seems that something may have changed in the background, because they started to produce 4K videos, and the MILFThing actually got one a few days ago. So, on the home page you can play a few trailers, while in the members’ area, you can find some nice navigation options. In case you want to have fun with the MilfThing videos you should either download, or watch them in the browser.

As usual, the best quality is provided by downloading, however the in-browser access with its HD resolution is a fine choice too. Every video is updated with a selection of photos, which you could download in zip file. There are also screen caps if you would like to have a preview of the content.

Content Quality

These ladies are not just hot, but they are all perfectly match the ideals of MILFs we used to fantasize about. They have nice butts, tight body, and a pair of big tits, usually upgraded ones. Also, the models here are eager to get all their holes filled with man-meat. These girls are going to get you to the level of excitement you seek, especially if you are a man who is looking for beauty and hard sex. The models you can see in the videos of the MILFThing are all in the age of being MILFs, so they will certainly show you what you should do in order to satisfy a MILFs appetite.

The delicious ladies here are professional porn stars from Europe, and they come from different countries: Russia, Czech, Poland, Hungary, Germany, France and few others. Some of them are more known that the others, but the main thing to know is that they know how to perform a great session for you, and they also like to enjoy when they are drilled by two guys. You have to be ready to see lots of fake tits in these videos, and if you are looking for that type of boobs, the models are going to mend your mind and make you happy.

The scenes themselves are truly hot, and you are going to find out quite soon that this collection is among the best ones around. These are plain porn scenes, they are not scripted, and they are not made to look like amateur porn. This is studio porn, made with only one purpose: giving you good jack-off material. There are no storylines either, but in a few cases a short interview is done with the girls before the hard action begins. Now, the action itself is spectacular. The ladies are taking you for a ride around their body first you can explore all their details.

Then, they get down to suck the dick, or the dicks. When the guys are horny enough, the girls get some treatment to be wet, and the hard action begins. There are surprisingly many double-penetrations here, so if you have a fixation on butt-sex or just DP as it is, then you are going to love these videos. We certainly loved them. This selection of hard porn is something you have to explore, as the videos are very juicy.

Long Story Short

The MILFThing is one of the hottest sites of the PerfectGonzo. It’s true that they hadn’t been adding new scenes to actively, but it seems that after a recent turn of events, this series actually received a new update… and 4K Ultra-High Definition at that!

So, the PerfectGonzo’s crew is still at large, they are armed and dangerous, so you should be careful with the membership here: you might exhaust yourself with jacking-off hours after hours while you watch these great scenes.

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