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Saturday, 23 May 2015 / Published in Lesbian
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Initial Impressions

When you first open this site, your first impression is going to be the correct one, for one gets the feeling that one ought to be yelling out “catfight” at the top of one’s lungs. Indeed that is all about what this site is about – catfights! If it has ever been your desire to see one chick going after another chick with pussies flailing, long talons out to scratch the other’s face, and the grunts and moans that a catfight will engender, well you’ve met your match.
Granted in your imagination, such girlie fights would entail nude women. Well, guess what? The fights may start off with girl against girl all clothed, but the next thing that happens is that they tear the clothes off each other, and voila you have received your wish. It’s just like in your imagination, breasts are jiggling, pussy lips are opening and the pink is more than evident, and gorgeous hairstyles are being mussed all in the spirit of chick wrestling!
The fighting is rough and tough, exactly what you have been imagining! Now of course there’s a kicker, for there always is, and the kicker here is that these lovelies are lesbians, and while they may be fighting with tremendous ferocity, they really are hankering for each other’s pussies. They want to be able to insert their fingers into each other and rub those clits into oblivion, or at least until the owner of the clit is writhing in orgasmic pleasure. Thus one could say that the kicker is actually embodied in the term kinkier!

Within the Site

Once you have this site open, that’s when the fun really begins. You will of course peruse all of the models and choose the ones that really get you going. If you are lucky, and chances are you will be, you will be able to mentally pit one model against the other and find a video that shows it all to you! Normal pugilists are well trained to not take advantage of one another by handling the other’s privates, but this is the Nude Fight Club, and there are no such restraints put on the fighters. Instead, you may see one fighter, who sports long fingernails, try to insert her fingernail deep in the opponent’s rectum only to be flipped over by the opponent, and the same dirty trick pulled on her!
If ever you have watched female pro wrestling and felt that a certain something was missing, this site has not only located that “something” but taken advantage of it. There are times when we wondered where on earth they found such horny and super fit women to do this?

Sponsoring Network

Because this site is sponsored by the 21Sextury Network, a very hot European network, you will receive not only the highest quality videos, but also some incredible pictures throughout the site. After all they use only the highest and best known directors and photographers. You will also note that the models who are featured in this Network are some of the most luscious available.
Your membership will include such porn winners like Lez Cuties, DP Fanatics, Club Sandy, Cuties Galore, and also Aletta Ocean Empire, and all because those and tons more sites will be yours as a reward for your membership to the 21Sextury Network. In fact, you will receive at least 20 other such sites, so that’s some reward! After all, you will receive 11,948 exclusive videos which spun off over 6,206 of the highest quality photo sets. If you are wondering just how many pornstars you will get to see, that’s easy there are currently 3,013 pornstars in that network. You will definitely be busy, because all of those videos translates to 4,673 hours of porn awaiting you!

Payment Options

They have made payment to join this site super easy. We say this because they have made available the following authorized payment processor partners; Segpay, Epoch and Vendo. Of course, you are also wondering what all this lesbian wrestling action is going to cost you. Joining is always safe and secure, and of course getting full HD movies with unlimited streamed and downloads is quite the kicker here. In addition, you can expect multiple movie formats, and all those movies are going to be exclusive too. With all the regular updates, the costs are truly infinitesimal. For example you can have a one day trial, which costs only $0.95!
Or, the most popular manner of joining is to do it over 30 days. Now that will simply cost you $29.95 per month. Granted there are some who prefer to instead pay for a 90 day membership. If that is you, then you will be inordinately pleased to find that it costs only $19.98 per month. Want to reduce the cost to the ridiculous? Well, then you will appreciate that you can actually pay it all upfront for a year, and that nets you the low, low cost of $9.95 per month! In essence, keeping in mind all of the bonus sites you will be able to lay your hands on, this is actually a phenomenal bargain!

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