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Thursday, 13 October 2016 / Published in Pornstar

SashaVon Overview

As you start watching porn, you will want to change things up a bit, and get to a site that has all the different content for you. You should know that there are a lot of sites that have stuff that you will want to see, you only need to find them through all the bad sites. One of the good sites that I know, that is surely going to arouse you is Sasha Von, that carries the name of the girl, Sasha Von, who is a blond who loves to play with herself and touch her pussy, as well as jerk off a dick in her videos, which will surprise you, as well as arouse you, by the way.

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Tech & Specs

This site has quite a lot to show you, starting from Sasha herself, then moving onto the design which is great. You get a site that has a very good looking home page, one that is arousing, and at the same time, a pleasure to browse. The home page has quite a lot of content there, starting from the top of the page, which has quite the collection of images, in pink and white, and shades of yellow, which is the color scheme for the site. The colors are nice, but Sasha, squeezing her tits, is nicer, as well as some descriptions that you can read, about her and the site, too.

Then, below, you can find a menu bar, as essential as they can get, showing you the content, that is, the home page, the videos, the photos, the about me page, and the members area, those buttons are in yellow with black letters, while the joining page buttons is in pink, with white letters. One is a playable video, that is, a trailer of the site itself. Then, you have a lot of photos, and previews from specific videos, too.

She also describes what she loves doing and what she looks like, as the pictures might not be enough for a preview. With added bandwidth, one that is great, too, you can surf the site at high speed, and open the videos in no time at all, and you can also use the mobile device to find even more content, given how the site has an optimized version.

Content Quality

Sasha loves to play with her pussy, she loves to masturbate and she loves to use dildos and her fingers too. She also likes rubbing a dick against her pussy, when she is not jerking it off, so that they both get to that orgasm, without penetration. The videos are great, as they come in HD, a resolution which shows you the details. They have over 30 videos, which last for an hour, each, as they are DVDs.

You can download them, in the MP4 format, too. You can also download the photos if you wish, which go above 2500 in number, and you can have them in the ZIP format. The site also grants you access to over 6 other sites, which have different content, yet still, stuff that will arouse you. You can have the content, too, as you get to download it.

Long Story Short

A great site can speak for itself, and Sasha Von is a great girl, and so is her site. You get to see a lot of masturbation, as well as her jerking a dick off to an explosion of cum. She is blond, she loves playing with herself, and her site grants you access to six more sites, which is a lot for such a cheap price.

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