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Saturday, 21 January 2017 / Published in Tranny
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ShemalePornstar Overview

Shemale porn has been around for a long time but it was not until the past few years that it was truly acknowledged by many individuals. I, for one, enjoy a great load of time hanging about in sites like these because it is unique and truly a magnificent feat to behold. Now that times have changed, you are bound to find tons of sites featuring a lot of trans porn. Of course, with a big number of them hanging about, there is the risk that not all of them will live up to our expectations. There are also those, when scoured carefully, leave a lasting taste. Aside from those two, there are some really good ones that will leave you hooked for the longest periods of time.

A perfect example of this statement is the one and only ShemalePornstar. Launched in August 2000, this mega site has proven that transsexual sex can be so much more. True enough, this particular site puts a great number of porn sites to shame. Its managing company, Grooby Bucks made sure that this one right here is the perfect place to find your quality shemale porn. Knowing Grooby Bucks, the people behind other successful transsexual porn sites other than this one right here, ShemalePornstar will most likely exceed your expectations and set new records. In addition, this particular porn site has won numerous awards in the past and is still getting the appropriate recognition in a lot of websites and places. That comes as no surprise since ShemalePornstar has always been one of the best shemale porn sites out there. Only a few could compete and only a few could emerge victorious.

One of the best xxx sites to enjoy hot trannies stuff

Tech & Specs

Grooby Bucks love to keep their porn sites in great condition, keeping them simple but elegant to look at. They like to stick to their themes and genres, and most importantly, they make sure that their audience is having a relaxing time, enjoying every bit of pleasure given to them by the site’s content. Every single thing here is vivid and easy to understand, and the theme that their site design took upon is as elegant as you would expect. With silver and gold color schemes, the genre is heavily brought out in natural ways. Navigation in ShemalePornstar is great since they kept it simple too. For the most part, there is nothing complex in here, and when deciphered carefully, you are going to have optimum levels of comfort. The user interface is, quite obviously, very user friendly. The site layout and arrangement is the same as those that are under Grooby Bucks.

It is nothing fancy but it is well organized and very orderly. Since the layout is neat and well kept, all things can be found easily. Since the site has been around for some time now, it comes as no surprise that it continues to add extra features for a more enjoyable stay. Of course, before you enjoy any of the videos, photos, or features, you would have to be a registered member of the site; meaning, you would have to decide on a payment plan above all else. If that is all taken care of, you are free to roam around and enjoy the rest of the site without any hassle. Aside from the ads in the member’s area, everything else here is great, when logging in, you would only need your user name and password.

The site has 600+ photo sets available for zip downloading. These photo sets contain 80 to 100 photos inside and all of them are in hi res. The photos have a resolution of 1280 x 960 and all of these are professionally taken to an extent. It has little to no airbrushing going on. Aside from the photos, you best enjoy the availability of a model index. The model index usually contains all the information about each of the porn stars present here. It contains their photos and names, as well as a short description of our gorgeous shemales. You can rate each one of them and leave comments about them. The same feature applies to videos as you can rate them as you want or leave comments on them for other people to see.

You may also add these videos to your favorites, as much as you like. Since the updates are happening frequently, you could say that the site is growing in a nice way and that you can expect more in the future. Although there is a lack of sorting options, the advanced search engine will help you find all the videos you need and want. Sure, there are no bonus sites that come with ShemalePornstar, but with the content it contains, you do not need them at all. Also, there are bonus contents that come with it, so it is not entirely a lost cause.

Content Quality

If you want to watch gorgeous shemales and trannies getting it on in the freakiest and nastiest of ways, that most probably involve a lot of ass fucking, blow jobs, motorboating, and the likes, ShemalePornstar is the best place to find such. These shemales hail from all over the world, mostly from Asia and Brazil. The site houses almost 400 of these beautiful tgirls and they are all a sight to behold. These shemales star in high definition, full length films that last from 10 to 15 minutes.

You may either stream these videos in your browser with an embedded Flash player or download them to your devices in various formats like MP4 or Windows. Either way, you will get the same high definition quality of 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, with a bit rate of 4000k. All the videos and photos here are exclusive so you cannot find them anywhere else at this point. Also, there are no known download limits so you are free to do whatever you want with the content.

Long Story Short

If it is great transsexual porn you desire and crave for, ShemalePornstar is the ultimate place to find them. This treasure trove is everything a transsexual porn enthusiast will greatly admire. I am totally recommending this to anyone who finds shemale porn an amazing way to find pleasure.

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