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Tuesday, 01 March 2016 / Published in Fetish
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Smothersluts Overview

Have you ever felt a deep craving for pussy? And we don’t mean watching it – although that’s already pretty cool on its own. But what we mean is, don’t you ever want to eat it? To smother it? Don’t you ever crave for face sitting porn? While we cannot always do this in real life, sometimes the most effective way to contain these types of cravings is by watching other people doing it. This way, you will also get to watch how women react or how they enjoy their pussy on your face. Sometimes, people enjoy watching these types of porn videos for the touch of femdom in it too, but whatever reason you might have there is only one thing that you should keep in mind: we are here to help you find the perfect porn site for your fetish. In fact, we already found one. The name of the porn site is Smother Sluts. Here you will find all your smothering needs satisfied. Smother Sluts is part of the massive Fetish Network. The entire network is made up of more than forty different porn sites catering to all types of fetish that you can think of. Have a unique one that you are finding difficulties of looking for a porn site for it? Chances are, the Fetish Network already has it. If they don’t, then they’re probably in the process of making one right now. If you really can’t wait for that specific fetish site to be made, then why don’t you just make the fetish video that you need on your own? Did that get you excited? Don’t worry we’ll tell you more about it later on. But now, let’s go back to talking about Smother Sluts. The porn site alone has almost a hundred of porn movies dedicated to the niche of face sitting and smothering. The entire Fetish porn network though has more than three thousand DVD-quality videos, and more than fifty thousand high-resolution images that you can explore, watch, and download! Plus, we are pleased to tell you that you can all access them for free right now by simply signing up on the Smother Sluts porn site. Your free access only lasts for two days, but after that you can opt to sign-up for one of their main membership plans to gain complete access, with unlimited streaming and downloading privileges – not only for the Smother Sluts porn site alone but for the entire Fetish network, all for the price of one site! The different membership options are a one-month all access, a three-month all access, and a twelve-month all access. According to Smother Sluts, their members usually select the three-month option, but whichever one you choose, we are sure that you will have a lot of fun within the site and the other networks.

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Tech & Specs

The look of the Smother Sluts website is very classy, despite the fact that the site has the word “slut” in its name. Anyway, it is bright and the slightly pinkish hue coming from the skin tone of the picture of the models that the site used as their background and banner gave the site a feminine look. Having said that, the very first thing that you are going to see upon landing on the homepage is the big welcome banner that they have featuring pictures of some of the hottest scenes that you will get to watch in the site. Under that, you will already see the preview of their latest scenes. The way that they present the previews is very impressive. They first offer a trailer for you to watch, then you can take a look at the different thumbnails of the screenshots taken from the video. These thumbnails show the most action-filled scenes. After that, you’ll get four different options: you can stream the video (with the help of the full-screen play feature), you can download a full high definition copy of it straight to your computer, you can bookmark it and save the video for later viewing or downloading, and finally, if you’re lucky to be online while they are making the video, you can watch its live show. Under the options, you will see more information about the video, namely its title, the date when it was uploaded, and finally, a short synopsis about the video.

Content Quality

If you are looking for a certain type of girl, then you will probably see her on the site because Smother Sluts has covered almost all types of girls with different nationalities. They don’t really have one in focus. However, following the niche that the porn site features, the girls here have one common denominator: all of them have big juicy butts that you would really love to put your face under and just smother with horny love. As for the videos, we had fun taking a look at their different movies because they were really well thought-out. All the scenes were creative and fun to watch. They have truly given the people in the scene the proper motivation to do the things that they are doing, unlike other porn sites, where things “just happen”. What’s more is that we also enjoyed that their ladies here really enjoy what they are doing. You can see it on their faces, hear it through their moans. They are also not afraid to express it as well.

Long Story Short

Overall, we really enjoyed our stay in the porn site, but let us go back to the feature that we have mentioned a while ago. The Fetish porn network actually lets you direct a fetish video on your own. Cannot find the smothering porn video that exactly suits your specific preferences? Then all you need to do is to avail of this feature, select the model, provide her the specs, and that’s it. Get your box of tissues ready because we’re sure that you are going to enjoy this live show – especially when you had the complete license to ask for anything that you want to see.

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