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Wednesday, 16 November 2022 / Published in Adorable
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SsshAlumni Overview

We all love sex. The act of two people (or more) getting together and making love is something most of us want to see. Sometimes, though, we may not be able to achieve this. And this is where pornography steps in. For decades, pornography has helped people with their dry nights. This industry has blossomed from a back yard business to a multi-billion dollar industry. There are a countless number of adult entertainment companies out there. Several of them we will not even be aware of. And, there new companies coming up every second week. The industry does not seem to take a break ever. There is a different kind of porn video or different kind of fetish or different kind of sexuality, the different kinds of porn videos today are endless. There is a porn video to satisfy the most uncommon need you could think of.

However, there is one very common theme amongst all of these videos. Almost all of these porn videos are overly sexualized. The art of making love is not just two physical bodies getting in bed, but also two souls getting together. Putting down their guards and being at their most vulnerable. It is basically a window to their souls. But this aspect of sex is never shown in porn. Porn is mainly targeted towards men. To help them just get off. And focus only on the physical aspect of it. Porn videos are mostly about the fucking and then done. Which is good in its own way. But not every one would want that.

Now, what about women? If you are a woman, you would know that this is the most unrealistic manner the way sex is portrayed. So, what if you are looking for more than just sex? Some romance perhaps? A little story of when a man and woman met. Something that not only would make you wet down there, but also ignite every sense of yours. Then, today is your lucky day. A website that is brought to you by women for women exclusively. We are talking about SsshAlumni! This is your one-stop online shop for all you ladies’ sexual needs. SsshAlumni is not just your run of the mill porn site.

This website is designed keeping women’s thoughts and needs in mind. SsshAlumni is an erotic website designed by women for women. Not only does it offer your average videos and images, but also they offer way more than that. There is a plethora of choices to choose from. From the usual, images and videos, to the advice columns, dating and even shopping. We know this sounds like a dream come true. Keep on reading, as we speak about other aspects of SsshAlumni.

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Tech & Specs

Do you remember those good old days you used to sit on the porch with a Mills & Boon’s novel in your hand and dreaming about the perfect life? Well, then one look at SsshAlumni’s layout will make you nostalgic instantly. The website is so beautiful. It looks like a cover of any romance novel. All the colors used on this website and the font too will just remind you a romance novel. The color scheme used on SsshAlumni is purple, light blue and off white. We know just reading them will make you picture the sweet cover of a novel. And we believe that is what their aim was. You also have the option to change the language on the website if you would like. As of now, they offer two languages, that is English and French.

The tour page of the website is fantastic. The first thing you will see is a blonde woman in a nightgown as the title image. She will easily remind you an actress from any romance comedy themed movie. The left side of SsshAlumni has a short welcome note and below it is updates on the website and a little detail about it. Right under the heading title you will see a slideshow of pictures that keep changing approximately every five seconds. All of those images in the slideshow are going to make you wet. We believe that they did a fantastic job with the layout, and we could not ask for anything more.

Content Quality

One look at SsshAlumni, and you will realize that you are in for a treat. The line up of women on this website are of all different races and are so very hot with really sexy bodies. A women’s perspective is what they are looking for. Hence all the content, from the images to the videos and the articles, they are all from a women’s perspective. One look into the member’s area, and you will find this very interesting, ‘get to know yourself’ section.

This section is all about masturbation. There is also a lot of girl on girl action here. All the girl on girl action here is actually targeted towards lesbians instead of straight women. Within the website, you will find several areas. There are multiple sections, and some of them include articles on style, beauty, sexual fitness, health and more. The best thing about this website is that we love is that every content here is very women-centric.

There are over 200 videos on this website. And many of these are in full high definition. If you want, you could watch these video on their website in flash player format. There are a number of photos in the photo gallery too. The images are at 1600×1200 resolution. All the pictures look very professional. We are definitely not disappointed with anything they have to offer on SsshAlumni, and we can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed either.

Long Story Short

What more is left to say about SsshAlumni other than signing up right away? With the quality of the content they have to offer and the impeccable deals, you know this is the perfect place to be. There is no site out there that offers the services that SsshAlumni has to offer. SsshAlumni content is a perfect blend of sexy fun as well as informative. This website updates their content almost everyday. This means that you will not have to watch or read anything twice.

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