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Sweetexgirlfriends Overview

I am pretty sure that many of us here like secretly (or not so secretly) taking videos of our girlfriends especially when we engage in a hot and steamy sexual act. We like taking videos of them giving us blow jobs, tit jobs, and all the naughty bits that we consistently and customarily love. With that in mind, when we break up (unfortunately), some of us boys take it the hard way and instead of doing the morally right thing, we end up doing stupid things like upload our ex girlfriend’s sex video or nude photo on the internet for everyone to see. No, do not get me wrong, I have not done that thing and I will not do that thing, honest to goodness.

What I like doing though, is watching other people do it because why not? I happen to enjoy people burning each other in the game of revenge. Also, it is quite arousing when I see an oblivious naked girl, doing her thing, unknowing (or not really) of the fact that she is being filmed. Unfortunately though, most of these videos make it to famous porn sites or social media networks that cater to millions of other people and so the dilemma begins. As a guy, I love being able to watch homemade porn videos because they seem more real and more raw. I do not get the feeling that it is being recorded for the sake of the audience or for the sake of views, it is being recorded to commemorate the event; but if you are doing that every single time you have sex then you have a problem.

Humor and pleasantry aside, people, including me, like the feel of watching these homemade porn videos and apparently “candid” nude photos. The audience and market for such is high and so a lot of porn companies invest in making porn sites that dedicate themselves into portraying and presenting such genre – even if it means they have to “fake” these homemade videos. Faking it is not bad, in fact, it is rather really good. We get quality porn videos in the form of homemade adult entertainment. A perfect example for this is Pimp Boss’ SweetExGirlfriends. The site title speaks a lot for itself and I can see why: they like to make this something that has something to do with reveling of the thought that you just got back at you sassy ex girlfriend who never liked sucking you off.

Pimp Boss hit the nail with this one because it exactly what the public wants: amateur girls in really amateur made videos. I am not sure how legit these homemade porn videos are but they look legit enough to spark and make up a porn site about it. Every single thing in this site has girls in it, including the many photos that are being uploaded as well. The thing is, since the site has been around since 2010 (February 2010 to be exact), the site itself is blowing up with all the wonderful content and we are not just talking about slightly few videos, we are talking thousands. SweetExGirlfriends is definitely worth checking out and no, there will be no room for regrets once you get into it.

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Tech & Specs

The site basically does not excavate and dig into task when it comes to their website design and layout. I had a feeling they had a short meeting about it and decided that the best color to describe the female population is babyblue and hot pink and this is exactly what we get. Well played, Pimp Boss. Well played. Not saying it is bad, it is quite decent in light of the fact that we get to focus more on the content rather than what it is surrounded with. Since the site has been around since early 2010, you should expect an influx and flow of things to do, because that is exactly what you will get. Besides the fact that the site lacks proper browsing tools and the likes, you still get to add the videos to your favorites which makes up for that browsing tool absence.

If ever you want to watch that video, you could always head on to your favorites folder and access that video again. Really though, who needs a browsing tool when you have thousands of videos to watch. Just be adventurous and go with the flow. Aside from that, you can also rate the videos from one star to five star, one star being the lowest and five star being the highest. You may also comment on them. There is no model index though most probably because there are tons of girls in here. Just know that a greater number of these ladies are hot bombshells that know how to work a proper fucking. With your membership, you get to have access to ten video feed sites for free.

Content Quality

As I am writing at the moment, there are 3000+ videos that are on the site and sure some of these might not be “real” homemade porn but it sure is amazing and wonderful to watch. You get to see a lot of varieties of sex like threesomes, orgies, double penetrations, anal, pussy fucking, masturbation, blow jobs and tug jobs, pussy licking, pleasure toy pleasuring, and so many more.

All these are watchable via in browser streaming using an embedded Flash player or you can always download them and save them in your device in MP4 format, WMV format, or MPEG format. You have the option of viewing them 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, or at 640 x 480 pixel resolution. There is no download limit and majority of the stuff here are exclusive.

Long Story Short

If you are looking for quantity, quality and uniqueness, then you will love this porn site. There is so much to do and so much to see that you will actually find yourself living in here for quite some time.

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