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Monday, 16 May 2016 / Published in Anal
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Thebigassgirl Overview

“Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hon!” that old song’s still rocking the radio these days, you know why? Co’z it’s got a message we porn lovers can’t ignore anymore! You know what’s really got me bored these days? It’s seeing those pussies over and over again. I mean, they’re okay, I still get turned on by them. But I can’t help but getting a new sensation for those big butts. Their tighter and more robust! Humping those pair of buns are more exciting now! So if you catch my drift and willing to ride with us butt lovers, then I have got the site for you. It’s called TheBigAssGirl website!

This site has got everything you’ll be expecting to have some of those awesome butt action. You don’t have to be shy my friend! We’re not alone in this! A couple of my homies have already registered to this busty site! So why not take a dive with me and discover what this site could bring you. But be warned, upon reading this article, you might develop a whole new addiction to those sexy backs these ladies have in this site! This site is all about BIG ASS BUTTS my friend! You’ll soon realize that pussies are not all there is to a woman!

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Tech & Specs

Now let’s talk about the site for a minute. Seeing it from top to bottom, it has simple navigation over all. No complicated links or ads whatsoever. This site just straight up, gives you what you want. But let me not forget. THOSE ASSES ARE BIG!! Man, don’t misunderstand me! These girls aren’t fat. In fact, they’re actually pretty sexy, but man those asses are round and bouncy. I can definitely tell they’re bouncy even from my laptop screen. They also previewed a lot of pictures in their homepage. These pictures of the girl’s butts are really impressive. You can actually see their pussies because of how they bent their back. Another good news too for those who are non-members you, you get free pictures so you can get a glimpse of what the videos could be like.

If you click the tab with the name TOUR on it, you’ll notice that it shows you models and descriptions about these models scenes. Again, really bouncy and shiny butt, some wear sees through panties too and the butts are just amazing. How should I put this… the girls are really very beautiful but seeing their butts while their face is looking at you in these pictures is just fucking astonishing, and if you’re wondering about the compatibility of this site to mobile phones, fret no more. They are totally compatible to mobile and tab devices. So you can show off to your friends or girlfriends just how awesome butts can be. Oh, let me not forget this one. If you become a member of this site, this site is also affiliated with a whole lot more other sites which gives you free access to them too! The features and pages of this site is pretty good.

Content Quality

If you liked the pictures of those butts, then I can’t wait to see your reactions once those butts move. These girls are really good when handling their backs. They can make it wiggle for you, vibrate for you, dance and move it to the music too. Just seeing those busty buns going up and down makes you want to stick your anaconda to it ANYTIME NOW… But it would all be for naught if the video quality fails you. Don’t worry, BigAssGirl website has made sure their videos of high quality so you can enjoy a clear view of those sexy butts. The high quality videos number to about 600 videos with over a thousand hours in total.

The photos number to about 200,000 pictures! After you’re registered you immediately get instant access to everything too! To top it off, this porn site uploads new videos EVERYDAY, and every time they update, they show off a different sexy tight outfit, a different type of bare booty, new girls in spandex or denim, dresses, shirts or even lingerie’s! The creativity this site has is just fucking endless. You’ll be seeing those girls get fucked doggy styles, missionaries and even some threesomes while having a clear view of that butt all the way. The girls here have a wide range of diversity, from ebonies, to MILF’S, to redheads to blondes and more!

Long Story Short

It’s not every day you get to see a site that’s all dedicated to revealing the wonders of those nasty backs these ladies have. The have a nice and simple navigation system which is a plus point for me because us porn lovers want to get straight to the action. With the site’s feature of having free access pass to other sites, I’m sure they’ll be no complaining once you’re a member. About the videos, I’ve seen a couple of them, and it’s really satisfying seeing those dicks penetrate every hole the woman has, especially the one in behind. The girls have a new kind of sensation and orgasm when the butt is penetrated and you’ll see it all over their face about how shocked and even dazzled by the sensations those dicks make them feel.

Some other girls would even have two men penetrate them in the back. The reactions in their faces are just priceless! I could speak for hours and just keep telling you that this site is the best there is for butt lovers! It’s got everything! The profiles are even arranged so that you could watch each girl’s performance individually just by accessing the tour page. So what are you waiting for? Go and get those butts brother! Download is unlimited!

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