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Tuesday, 19 April 2016 / Published in Lesbian

Totallesbian Overview

Dudes love to watch girl to a girl love making a scenes and that’s a fact. As much as I do, men watch girl to girl porn films because we love to see those half-moon butts, soft boobies, and pinkish hairless beavers. Lesbian love scenes are perhaps the most popular category of porn on the internet and definitely a favorite among porn fans. In fact, lesbian porn sites are not just for ladies who like ladies, but for everyone and anyone who loves to see softcore to hardcore actions. The TotalLesbian is a good example of a lesbian love scene site that is filled with wet pussy and gorgeous titties brought to us by the PUBA Network.

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Tech & Specs

The beauty of lesbians is alive and well from the intro on the site. The site quickly brings my natural libido as I stare at those picture perfect images and videos presented on the homepage. I see a lot of horny sluts with their torrid kisses, ass licking, pussy sniffing and playing with the dildos. The site is not the typical lesbian site where you can see lots of horny sluts they’ve found on the streets. We are talking about famous celebrities in the porn filming industry such as Sadie Holmes, Taylor Vixen, Amber Lliana, Sarah Luvv and much more.  It has a lesbian threesome, white chick blonde and brunette love making, black lesbians, interracial lesbian sex, solo, dildos and lots of slippery pussies. These videos are available on the homepage presented in thumbnails. Each lesbian length scene will last for about 28 minutes up to half an hour. You can watch them on streaming using the MP4 for good quality and Flash for fast streaming. If you want to see these videos in full HD, it is highly recommended to use WMV format for downloads. For the images, I’m happy to announce that there are over than 400 galleries available once you signed in as a member. Each gallery includes 120 photos that are mostly taken from the love scenes and poses by your favorite porn stars. Aside from an ass pounding, pussy licking and bouncing boobies, you will see numerous seductive poses for your pornographic collection or probably for your desktop background. Remember that the only way to have these images is by downloading them through zip files. When logging into the site, there will be massive of an angel looking lesbos is showing off their pussies, boobies and kinky asses. The images are quite distracting me and it is hard for me to focus on assessing the site. The images and videos presented in thumbnails are in high resolution. I can almost touch those hard rosy nipples and sniff those pussies from here. It is kind of difficult where I would start my exploration so I decided to play the teaser clip instead. After watching the teaser for 45 seconds, my dick stood still like a hard rock and I found myself slobbering. For the sounds, visual effects and captions, it is a total kudos to the editor. Becoming a member allows you to have the privilege accessing over than 40 bonus sites featuring the most glamorous and famous porn stars in the business today. Also, you can have your daily updates for new photos and videos, 24/7 live chat with your favorite porn stars and live show streaming. The customer service is ready as ever if you have any concerns about the membership and queries.

Content Quality

From the lesbian scene area, the TotalLesbian made their promises that they will bring videos in full HD. It is actually an amazing experience watching threesome, and lesbian groupies banging each other’s pussies. Aside from the action, the site also features backstage scenes where you can watch these sluts when the camera is not rolling. Discover the other side of your favorite porn stars as they get dressed, prepare themselves and enjoy their bitchy chats inside their locker room area. Most of the lesbian scenes will begin with an interview. The girls will be asked few questions about their career, hobbies, and what are the sex positions they love the most. The producer or probably the film director will ask them to massage their vulva. This is where the real action starts as these sluts will show to the whole world what are they are made of. It’s a brunette and blonde lesbian action featuring Chastity Lyn and India Summer as they get wet and take off their panties and bras. They will show off their mid-sized boobies for the appetizer together with sensual torrid kisses that will keep your dick up. The action continues as India Summer will take off Chastity’s bra while licking her boobs. Chastity will return the favor and this time, she will not just take off India’s bra but also her panty. She will start fingering India’s pussy while licking and sniffing the boobies. The fun continues as these two will squirt off. Your car garage will never be the same as Ariel Stonem and Daisy Layne will perform the naughtiest thing in the area. Daisy Layne plays as the mechanic and Arial Stonem is the owner of the pickup truck. Instead of fixing the pickup’s engine problem, she prefers to fix something else and this is where the lesbian action goes. It is a heart pounding lesbian scene that will literally take your breath away as these two sluts will make love inside the garage.

Long Story Short

You can almost feel the summer breeze and springtime is almost over, the season will get hotter and hotter as the TotalLesbian porn site will bring you total non-stop lesbian fuck actions. For dudes and lesbians out there who are craving for more lesbian fuck scenes, the site is highly recommended to satisfy your earthly lustful pleasure.

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