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X-Art Overview

If you love straight up porn. No Strange stuff just straight up man fucks the woman types of porn. Then X-art is the site for you. X-art is probably the most popular straight porn there ever is and ever will be. They have very capable stars in their hands and they’ve won awards like ‘Best Production’ and ‘Oscar Quality Porn’ too. But what really made X-art special is their star’s lust for sex. You can totally appreciate the sex between a man and a woman in the way they do it.

So many porn these days have kind of gotten lazy in perfecting that emotional feeling and camera angles but not here in X-art. You’ll realize after reading this review that Porn is truly an art to behold. A lot of good things are coming for X-art, and I’m sure they’ll remain at the top in this industry for a long time. Members tend to also stay with X-art for the long haul. So what is in this site that makes it so great? Why do people say a lot of good things about it? Well let’s find out shall we?best pay porn site with the most beautiful models


Tech & Specs

X-art’s website has a really cool design theme. It is schemed with pure black. The categories and options on their site is very basic and simple. You will be able to go to the profiles of the stars, videos and photos in just one or two clicks away. The site also has the option to choose community. This is where you’ll see a lot of reactions, forums and interactions between fans. In the homepage you’ll see it is riddled with photos of the stars. Each picture is a delight to the eyes. The quality and poses of these stars are totally superb. They’re at their peak fucking moment while the shot was made. Another great feature about this site is that you will be able to follow and send private messages to your favorite models!

That’s a great opportunity to get to know your stars! In rare occasions, the stars might even reply and send you their personal photo. According to interviews, stars who talk with their fans are REAL and not just automated. The site’s design is promising. It’s so easy to find yourself around the links. Each star’s profile has an option to see their videos and photos as well. Their page doesn’t have crazy colors and blinding effects, just simple plain black. Which is very good to the eyes? The theme of the site looks kind of like a museum. The frames portray how great an art sex really is.

Content Quality

The women on set here in X-art are all very attractive and absolutely amazing! They have really invested a lot with this one. The sex scenes have a lot of emotions to it and a lot of intimacy that you find yourself like you’re watching a Hollywood movie but with no censorship! The angles are so good, sometimes it’ll go really close to the stars and other times it will kind of go out of focus which is very seductive looking. The set’s location varies from time to time. It can in a workplace, in the beach, or inside a motel, or wherever it is possible to fuck each other. The video’s in this site reach more or less around a thousand. They last a satisfying average of 15 to 20 minutes each.

Some videos also last a bit longer than that. There are also full movies too! That’s really amazing. If you want to download their videos you’ll find that it has no download restrictions, and you’ll be given four options. MP4 (8000kb/s, 1920×1080), MP4 (5500kb/s, 1280×720), MP4 (3800kb/s, 960×540), MP4 (20000kb/s, 3840×2160) or Flash (1280×720). All these options are pretty high def so video quality is never an issue with this site. The site also contains pictures. The pictures are also splendidly taken. These models are total professionals because they are so good when it comes to poses and eye contact.

They contain over 900 galleries of pictures. It has 55 picture for each gallery. They also vary from model shots to video captures. They’ll be packed in zip files so be sure to have WinRAR installed on your computer. Another great thing about the site’s videos is the sounds. The sounds are surround and high definition. You’ll find no negative comments regarding their production quality from me here.

Long Story Short

All I can say is that this site is the best in its style. The angles, acting and actors are totally amazing. They really revealed the true color and masterpiece of sex. The positions and emotions these stars portray during the scenes are very intimate and lustful that it’s fairly easy to fall in love with the stars. As for the website itself, they spared no time making it look sleek and therapeutic to the eyes. It is amazingly simple yet with diverse options too.

You’ll feel like you can be able to do anything and take a look at everything there is to look at because of the options this site has given you once you become a member. I’ve reviewed a lot of sites but this one surely takes the cake when it comes to man and woman having sex. You can really learn to appreciate and start having your favorite couples in this site. Plus, the added bonus of being able to interact with the stars makes it all the more perfect. So that’s all for my review. Hope you found what you’ve been looking for!

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