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Monday, 16 November 2015 / Published in Asian
Best pay adult website where you can find a huge collection of subtitled asian HD porn videos


Zenra is one of the top adult entertainment site dedicated to fans of Japanese and Chinese porn. The site features both amateur and professional models from Asia performing a wide range of hardcore porn acts, from solo nudity, flashing in public, masturbation to couples engaged in bizarre hardcore sex acts. Zenra’s content is 100% exclusive.

Design and Features

Zenra has a simple functional design that lets you browse quickly through the wide range of content that is available. Its simplicity has advantage in that pages tend to load very fast. At first glance, the site does not look elegant, but the designers of the site made it easier to go through the sea of content that you’ll find on Zenra.You can navigate through the site by either using the search function on the top right corner of the screen. Using the easy to locate search box, you can search for any type of movie or model that you want. Granted that this is meant to appeal for an English speaking audience, the site makes an effort to ensure that you understand what is going on in every scene. Vids have English subtitles that are available on practically every movie nowadays. There is also a detailed description that you will find when you click on every scene. Some descriptions run to more than 1000 words. This leaves the audience with no doubt about what is going on in each scene, to the extent that they do not necessarily need subtitles. There is a significant number of movies in 1080 HD. Videos are in Mp4 480p and 720p. The 480p movies are downloadable in MP4 format, while the higher quality movies (720p and 1080) can be streamed online in flash format.

Girls and Videos

It features slim and fit Asians from those parts of Asia. Most of the models are amateurs, but the site has a section, named JavStars dedicated purely to professional Asian porn stars.The site has several other categories such as: Alternative, JavStars, Tekoki, Public Nudity and Lesbians. The Alternative section is for folks, who enjoy the bizarre nature that is common with Japanese and Korean porn, especially to foreign audiences. The alternative section has a wide range of bizarre and perverted hardcore action. This may be in the form of amateur models drinking loads of cum stuffed in containers. In one scene an amateur model drinks cum from men stuffed in multiple water bottles. There are also models engaging performing oral sex to old men dressed in drag costumes. Oh, I almost forgot. The alternative category sometimes gets even more bizarre. There are numerous videos of paranormal activity that compels the otherwise reluctant amateur Asian models to have sex, give blowjobs, masturbate or flash in public. The videos are also shot in very many different locations. The locations of the scenes include public places, at the beach, in a public bathhouse, office and many other places. The content is mainly video and you can download up to 10 GB of all the videos you have access to in the members area. The videos are of very high quality and appear to have been shot professionally.


Zenra sets itself apart in that it offers very authentic Asian porn, but also ensures that the content can be understood by English speakers worldwide. It is one of the best sites that I would recommend to people who love to watch different types of authentic Asian porn movies.

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