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Wednesday, 25 May 2016 / Published in Asian
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18tokyo Overview

Japanese dolls, in my opinion, are one of the cutest Asian races. Aside from being cute and naughty, we can’t just help but look at them with no perversion. These Asian hotties are really dominating porn sites nowadays, and just how easy they do. Well, all they have to do is throw that cute and sheepish look they have, with their innocent looking eyes while flaunting their nice and slim legs. And there is just something about that skimpy uniform that makes me want to grab their slim thighs and savagely spread it wide.

Just listening to their pierce moan and screaming every tie their pussies are penetrated can send chills to my thighs and makes my cock solid rock. I’m just too glad to write this review and excited to explore 18tokyo as it promises a lot of softcore and hardcore authentic Japanese sex videos!

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Tech & Specs

I had always been a fan of Japanese pornography, starting from hentai to live Japanese female moaning and screaming for pleasure. Perhaps, this has been the reason why I have a curious preference for cute perky tits, white smooth skin, and girlish impish voice. Oh no, it’s conscious, I really do want a Japanese hentai and 18tokyo has the best porn videos of these girls. Well, I do have a lot to say when it comes to Japanese hentai girls as they are very obedient and the do what you want them to do, like a helpless ragdoll wanting her wet pussy to be penetrated non-stop. I would think before that they do not actually want it, but after watching some interviews with these dolls, they actually felt the opposite.

This site has tons of videos and pictures to offer, that’s unquestionable as their homepage is full of Japanese girls craving to get laid. These Japanese dolls are nothing short of the nasty and damn hot sex dolls. The website is very easy to navigate as every video is properly aligned so you will have a good time searching for videos and more. Unlike other websites that will just show you tons of large pictures improperly posted on the home page. Those sites are really quite a mess. But 18tokyo has a clean white background and very strategic at highlighting their porn videos.

The videos are lined according to three categories, mainly, the newest videos, the size and number of views. So you can sort them out according to your liking. As for me, of course, I’d like to have the number of views so I would know which videos are the best to watch. At the upper part of the homepage locates the categories you can choose from. In all fairness, 18tokyo has a wide selection of categories and it comes in alphabetical order. Each category has a number of videos in each set. There are 682 videos now in the website and you can freely download and stream these videos once you become a member of the site. In addition, it also has a bonus site in which you can explore and stream the contents.

The bonus networks also have a lot of contents just in case you have enough of the girls in 18tokyo. You can download the videos in MP4 format that comes in very good and high quality playback. The site is updated four to five times a week, pretty regular compared to other sites. If you are still thinking about having a membership, you should look at those damn hot Japanese girls penetrating large dildos deep inside their tight vagina.

Content Quality

These Japanese cuties have a thing for destroying their innocence with a hard big cock and sex toys. I would like to salute all the people behind the amazing and weird sex machines and toys they used to rip off and drill these girls’ wet and quivering pussies. Historically speaking, Japanese people have a deep and rich culture when it comes to erotica and the art of sexual intercourse. I would remember that famous ancient sexual dream of the fisherman’s wife getting penetrated by an octopus in all her holes. So I would say that amongst all races, Japanese girls are the best to fuck.

Most of the videos you can see here are girls getting sex for the first time mostly from elder people. So it’s typical to see here teachers or professors stuffing their large cocks in their students’ tight vagina. There is lots of domineering on this website mostly done by tugs or elders unto the innocent looking girls. Well, if I were in their position I won’t even hesitate grabbing these dolls skimpy skirt and fuck the hell out of them until I hear I hear their shrill cry and sexy moan. There is one video of a Japanese girl in uniform loving a fingering session with two older guys.

The guys used hitachi on her first until her pussy becomes visibly wet under her panty. The guys pushed up her cute black skirt and pulled down her pink girly underwear revealing her hairy pussy. Then they started stimulating until she gave out a piercing cry. The two guys can’t just get over it and fingered her really deep and fast until she moans in ecstasy. The videos have videos caps you can download though these are the only pictures they have. Another, not all of the videos are uncensored as some of which has the girls’ private parts blurred.

Long Story Short

So if you have a thing for Japanese girls screaming for pleasure and passion, then this site will get you to the gates of orgasm in no time. Just looking at those plaid skirts and wondering what’s underneath can make every man’s bored cock go wild and hard as a torpedo. And like a torpedo, wanting to dig inside the soft and wet core of these lovely Japanese girls. These innocent looking cuties love fucking their pussies with toys, get their faces splattered with milky cum and ready to take on large cocks inside their warm vaginas.

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