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Tuesday, 14 June 2016 / Published in Anal
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Analmilf Overview

What I love the most when it comes to watching porn videos are the sexy older women, or, in professional lingo, MILFS. Implicating that they have tats, these ladies shy away from no challenge, whether it is pussy fucking, dick sucking or your hardcore anal sex. At analmilf, I have found many more ladies who are more than happy to take a huge one up their asses, before proceeding to suck it off to a nice explosion.

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Tech & Specs

There is something about sites with a good design that just keeps you coming back for more. It is so in this case, with the home page boasting a very minimalistic design, one that keeps your eyes straight on the content, and not just on the eye candy that is needlessly taking up space and bandwidth. With a purplish color and a grid of videos, all rated accordingly, you are easily given the option to find what you prefer, and what others prefer.

It is also worth mentioning that when browsing the site’s many pages and videos, apart from noticing that it was very well done, likewise, I notice to complete lack of lag, at every turn. Well, this is simply because the site has been optimized to quite an extent, so much, in fact, that you will have no trouble browsing from mobile devices as well. The loading is smooth, the videos just slide left and right, and the menus are adapted to the style of the device, whichever it may be.

Content Quality

When it comes to MILFS, you want them in all shapes and sizes, and that is, of course, what you would get, as the site is full of all kinds of women. There are your chubby moms with their huge boobs that can swallow a dick up whole, along with the tight assed, model-like women, who look as if they are track stars, and not mothers of two or three. Whether you prefer your lady to be white, Asian or ebony, they do not discriminate, as you will have a lady for each of your kinky preferences.

Taking two dicks up at once is also not something that they would shy away from, leading to a nice little threesome with a lot of cum. The best part is that all of the sexy ladies prefer to be fucked in their asses instead of their pussies.

All of the videos are in HD quality, or full HD, and some of the newest one are in ultra HD, meaning that once the close ups come up, you will see every little detail because the picture is crystal clear. Part of a bigger site, called Enjora, you are able to access even more videos, as they are numerous, and very different in content. Streaming is also an option, once you join, for a price that is really insignificant compared to the content you would get access to.

Long Story Short

In the end, there are a lot of things that you could say about analmilf though if I would have to sum it up in one word, that word would be excellent, as they have high quality videos that are updated regularly, adding new porn each time you log on. With the porn being on such a high level, you can expect to be pleased, especially if you have a thing for MILFS and anal, yet you still would have other videos to look at, as their database is huge. This website is no more online, take a look at LET’S TRY ANAL.


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