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Bang Overview

Fantastic porn sites rarely come our way and most of the time, I had to scour every nook and cranny of the world wide web to get that one thing I really want. Most of the time also, I get surprised and then disappointed because not all porn sites seem like what they are when you first get around to see them. I have had countless mishaps about it and I have paid a good amount of money for really bad ones. Of course, with the bad, there will always be good ones, better ones, and a whole lot of the best. You just need to read reviews about them, search about them, and learn more about them.

Well, that is not the point here. I am here to introduce to you a porn site that really fits the “best” description of being the best. It is one of Videos Z’s finest creations and it does not fail to deliver at all. Gentlemen (and some ladies out there), I introduce to you Bang. Yes, I know, I know. The site name is ridiculously funky but it is catchy, as well. With its amazing content, Bang literally just comes and goes with a bang. This site has great content and great quality, making it really worth every penny in your pocket. Not only that, there are tons of things you can do in here.

With it being launched a couple years back, the network made sure that you will never be bored of the things here. Bang is here to cater to your unlimited pleasure with their “boundless” variety of porn. It essentially is your one stop shop when it comes to great adult films and more. Bang is a pleasurable site that caters to tons of wanted niches and genres, and it will never be lacking in any way. I dare you to find another porn site that gives out as much content as this one right here and delivers a great job doing it.

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Tech & Specs

Bang is a porn site with lots of things chucked inside it like it was some kind of magic treasure trove and that no matter how much things you put in it, it will never overflow and it will keep getting really good stuff for other people to enjoy. Even with the lame analogy I just came up with, it is rather hard to deny that Bang has it good and so does its members. Bang is designed to make the members of the site be more focused at the content rather than get distracted by its website design. The layout is super neat and orderly despite the huge number of videos it is crawling with. The navigation is orderly and very easy to manage, and it certainly will not get you confused.

The user interface is wonderful and really user friendly. Overall, the site layout and design is convenient, handy, can be easily operated, and uncomplicated. This really helps a lot because people would want to be busy with the important filling rather than the superficial side of things. Of course, people will not be able to help it because a site’s design will always make the first impression, so it is rather great that despite the simplicity, they made sure it still looked really good. When you are already a member of the site, you will be free to access every feature there is to be found here. You will also notice when you are already inside, the top part of the site will introduce to you the advanced search bar which you can use to search for videos of your preference.

If you want to narrow it down, you can use the drop down menu along with it and it will sort your search out by video title, porn star, movie, and a general search. On the right side of that, you will see the link to the support page where it will help you troubleshoot some things whenever the need arises. You will also find the log in button next to that. For you to get in, considering you already are a member, you will only need to click on that, input your chosen user name and password, then you are in! Moving on, the left side (your left, the right for the site) will reveal all the links you need to get yourself around. That part of the site can be hidden and shown according to you and it is easy. Just click on the arrow at the bottom of that part, and it will retract and vice versa.

Content Quality

The site basically features tons of hardcore sex scenes including those that incorporate and consist of fisting, voyeur, blow jobs, double vaginal, double anal, gang bangs, orgies, your usual one on one, hand jobs, internal cum shots, facial cum shot, double penetration, cum swapping, strip teases, anal fucking, threesomes, masturbation, lesbian sex, titty fuck, foursomes, fetish sex, lingerie sex, oral sex, outdoor sex, and so much more. Both girls and guys here are great looking and have bodies to be proud of.

You may watch their scenes in different methods like watching it in-browser with an embedded Flash player or download the scenes to your desktops or laptops (some other mobile devices too) in different formats (MP4, WMV, MPEG). There are also tons of resolutions to choose from, some of the newest videos getting a staggering 4K resolution, even. Some would settle for 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 1080 x 720, and a lot more. Majority are in HD and the lower ones can have lower but still pretty decent. There is no download limit and you can watch it with no limits at all.

Long Story Short

If you want quality porn, you now know where to find it! Bang is an amazing site that I would totally recommend to all of you who desire to get it off by watching really good, hardcore sex scenes.

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