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Wednesday, 23 March 2016 / Published in Busty
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Bbwheavytits Overview

We have had a debate here for quite some time now: which female body part is better: big boobs or big butt? Fortunately for us, these two almost always go together. However, if you are going to choose just one, which one would it be? Boobs are great because you can do different things to them: suck them, play with them, as they wiggle and bounce with the girl’s every move. But butts are awesome too, you can also lick them and play with them, squeeze them, as it cushions you while you bang your chick from behind. However, let us just say, that for the sake of this review that the boobs win. We are going to answer the next important question: where are you going to find really big boobs? The answer is BBWHeavyTits. The secret behind really big and beautiful boobs are big and beautiful women.

Of course, if the tatas have really big owners, then what can you expect with their boobs? In this light, we would like to give the creators of this site a big thumbs up for coming up with this idea. It is actually the first time that we have seen a porn site that caters to this category. We have surely found a lot of porn sites dedicated to boobs because boobs are great. And we have also found a couple of porn sites dedicated to big beautiful women. But this is the first time for us to see and review a porn site that gives us the best of both worlds: big beautiful women and their boobs. We were not too surprised though, because the porn network that this site belongs to, Channel 69, is already famous for being bringing us other unique porn site like Hot 50 Plus (where the porn stars get as mature as over fifty years of age), Big Clits, Big Lips (if you want to see full close-up videos of pussies), and Body Builders In Heat (if you want to see really chunky and muscular women), just to name a few.

We are certainly looking forward to exploring these other unique sites in the future, along with the other fifteen sites included within the Channel 69 porn network. Allow us to mention the different membership options. There are three main ones, and one trial option for three days. For the main options, they are a monthly unlimited access, a three months non-recurring access, and a six months non-recurring access. The trial option comes with a minimal few as well but it is the best option if you would want to take a closer look into the site first before finally signing up for the main membership plan.

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Tech & Specs

We really like how this site was designed. If you are a BBW porn model or pornstar then you would really enjoy working for BBWHeavyTits. The reason is because they really give as much exposure as possible to their pornstars. You can see it even by just taking a quick look into the website. All their design elements, even their previews – everything points out to their big beautiful models. The first thing that you are going to see once you have landed on the first page of the site is the welcome banner. This banner contains the photos of their most popular models – and also, some of the biggest tits that we have ever seen. Below the banner, you are already going to see the previews of their latest videos.

These previews, like we said, are also model-centric, which means that they are geared towards the models. Each preview consists of a big picture of the model and her name, of course, in order for you to get to know her better. The preview also contains thumbnails of the scenes that you are going to see in her videos and other information like a short description of the model and her cup size! Finally, you will also get to see a trailer, and the link to sign-up for membership in order to stream or download the whole thing. There are eight previews in total on a single page, and once you have scrolled down through all of them you will then see the links to the other porn sites within the Channel 69 porn network.

Content Quality

A hero once mentioned that heroes don’t know any boundaries. This means that you can find them in any country and race. As it turns out, big beautiful women with really big boobs can be found anywhere as well. What we are trying to say is that this porn site did not particularly feature a certain type of BBW or nationality, so you can be sure that there’s a wide variety of different BBW girls here to choose from. They only have one common denominator with each other – all of them have incredibly big boobs. We also enjoyed the quality of the videos that they have here. All of them were masterfully done. We liked watching them because of their good image quality and resolution. We also tried downloading a few of their videos, and they were right. Their servers are incredibly fast. Hence, we were able to download quite a couple of videos in only a few minutes. We were actually surprised with this. Even streaming did not take much time to load.

Long Story Short

Overall, we really enjoyed this porn site. Just thinking of the really big boobs we saw has already made us drool with anticipation all over again. We hope that the porn network, Channel 69, comes up with more quality porn sites that cater to unique porn genres such as this one. It is a very refreshing site to see other types of women being featured in the porn industry, and not just very slim or Caucasian girls. Porn sites like these have the power to redefine beauty and our taste in porn.

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