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Beaverhunt Overview

Have you ever wondered how budding porn stars get casted? Or how they get their first gig picked out? Have you ever wondered how things work out for them before all the glitz, glam, and pleasure on actual porn scenes? Well, I have always wondered about that single thing of course and it has led me to think that there are actually various ways for these girls to land the role of a damsel in distress, clad in spandex, waiting for a spanking from some random stranger, and all the kinky stuff you get from porn. ‘Lo and behold’ castings and auditions are actually quite rampant, and are highly implemented in most porn companies, yes, just like how Hollywood films are being done. Also, before ones name gets stamped across the hall of legends, porn edition, these ladies must be ready to do anything (and anyone) without a single ounce of complaint.

Rarely do we see networks that show what happens backstage but this is exactly why BeaverHunt is here. BeaverHunt is where you will find videos of girls during their pre debut as porn stars and whose cock they had to suck before they had their very first independent and solo participation in an official porn scene. The site itself is being managed by Hustler, which was initially quite a famous magazine publication back in the days and up to now. With Hustler magazine widening their scope and spreading all across the world wide web’s chain of porn sites, you might wonder if they could live up to the hype with all the sites they are managing – but they actually do! BeaverHunt is a wonderful place to find amateur porn and all the glory it beholds. It features tons of beautiful ladies doing the nasty deeds they know they love in exchange for fame and whatever it is they want to acquire.

Not only does it give its members raw, unprotected sex, with all the wonderful things it comes with, it also shows us how things work for some ladies once they choose the path of a sexy vixen who would love stripping down and getting screwed in front of the camera. Being around since early 2002, BeaverHunt has set the record for most females captured on film, doing the nasty, engaging in rigorous sex, during their delicious looking auditions. It also does not only feature videos but hot, naughty photos as well. Now, get ready for the time of your lives as you dive deep in Hustler’s one of a kind masterpiece: BeaverHunt.

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Tech & Specs

BeaverHunt looks like one hell of a party hit, it head on with a shovel with how colorful and juicy it looks like. Utmost, you will mostly see tons of greens, reds, oranges, and yellows, and by the way it looks, that is what makes it look interesting and amusing. The color scheme matches well with the cut out photos of girls doing the nasty and the naughty, or just naked ladies in general. I personally love how Hustler made this site fit very well with the theme and the genre they are taking on. The navigation system is very easy and very user friendly, having links in the most obvious and places. BeaverHunt has its important links on top and on the bottom of their site so make sure to check those out before anything else.

Note that in order for you to have access to all of BeaverHunt’s features, you will have to sign up as a member since it essentially is a pay site. A trial version is made available but that seems to be for only a short while and you would only be able to access a few videos and a few photo sets. I would suggest settling for the more convenient path of things and go for the premium membership right away. Once inside the site, you will immediately notice how things are neatly stacked one on top of the other, with video thumbnails and video caps made available for each set. Most sets found on the main page are usually the featured ones, with typically the most views or the most recently updated, or uploaded.

With each scene or video, you can comment on them, rate them, or add them to your favorites. BeaverHunt has available photo sets, almost 300, to be exact. Each photo set has around 80 to 100 photos inside. You may be able to download them in zip files or save them individually. Each photo is carefully edited and airbrushed, and they are all professionally taken. In addition, with your BeaverHunt membership, you get to access other bonus sites for free under the Hustler network. Their updates come regularly or often times, weekly. With that rate of updates, the site’s growth is surely flourishing, and they have been adding more features than ever.

Content Quality

The girls in BeaverHunt are amateurs and on track, the site would make it sound and look like it would be their first time in front of a camera, doing what they really do best – with more audience than ever. These ladies are ready to throw down whatever piece of clothing they wear, and dignity they have, as they grind themselves up and down in pleasure to whomever it was that was holding the auditions.

The variety of ladies is interracial and you can check them all out in the model index where their biographies are briefly posted. There are almost a thousand videos for viewing, and all of these are in really good quality. You can download them in either MP4 or WMV format and they are usually in the same 1280 x 720 pixel resolution or at 960 x 540 pixel resolution. No download limits are known. All of these are entirely exclusive.

Long Story Short

If you love watching amateur girls going in for their hot and steamy auditions, and what happens in between, I am pretty sure you will love of all of the moments you will be spending in BeaverHunt. Hustler has made sure this place is something that you won’t be getting enough of anytime soon.

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