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BiMaxx Overview

Being active in the porn industry and just as actively browsing the world wide web for amazing porn sites to immerse myself in, I have ended up in odd parts of the porn universe but despite that oddity that embraced these parts, I still felt curious and really interested. I am a guy, I am straight, but I still see the beauty of a good gay porn site. I am not prejudiced and I appreciate good porn when I see one, regardless of what gender it presents. Also, porn should be enjoyed in all sorts of ways.

If you are open minded, impartial, and tolerant about different porn categories, you will have more material to use for jerking off and that is the cold hard truth that some of you do not like admitting. Anyway, if you are set out to find the perfect site with loads of raunchy sex scenes that nothing else seems to match up with, you will love the ever so famous bisexual porn site, BiMaxx. No, not that huge white guy from that cartoon flick everybody loved. BiMaxx is chock full men and women alike, searching for pleasure and getting twice the adventure.

The porn site focuses heavily on hardcore sex and bisexual porn, sometimes adding some fetishes in between. When I first came across the site, it was not odd, it was rather enticing and it really did reel me in in ways I do not know how. I am an inquisitive and analytical person and so I end up in places I never thought I would be. Because of that though, I always end up finding the most eccentric and beautiful of all – this also applies to porn, if you want to know.

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Tech & Specs

This particular porn site has a lot of content that they should be proud of but despite this certain feature, the site managed to keep a rather great site design and a rather great navigation method. The site design looks plain and quiet, but it speaks volumes despite that attribute, since you will end up fixated on the content. The user interface here is also aimed at being user friendly and it delivers the right amount of that. The layout and the arrangement are neat, sleek, and well kept. Nothing in here will make you confused. Ever. Now, before anything else, I will have you know that BiMaxx is a pay site and you will be required to sign up for a membership before getting to do anything here. The features are made available once you are already a member.

There are payment plans for everyone to choose from and it does not cost much. I say the site itself strikes a pretty good deal when it comes to pricing because I always get what I pay for and more. Moving on, since BiMaxx has been around for quite some time, the number of things to do here grew increasingly and it does not feel bare anymore (compared to the first time I got here). The updates seem to be happening weekly now and one or two videos get uploaded per week. The links you will need in order to work your way around can be found on the very top part of the site. Each link and button is self explanatory but know that every single one of these buttons is technically very straightforward; meaning, clicking on of these will automatically bring you to the designated page without having to go in unnecessary circles.

You get the home page button, the updates button, the models button, the live sex button, the shop button, and the members’ button. Again, pretty self explanatory. The live sex shows are available and quite a number of girls are live any time of the day. You can access this for free when you are already a member of BiMaxx. The main page contains a gargantuan amount of video thumbnails. Clicking on these will guarantee your passage towards the video it personifies. Also, these thumbnails have titles and a duration on how long it will last. Sadly, there are no descriptions provided for these. You may save your preferred videos in your favorites, or add comments on them, and even rate them.

The site lacks browsing tools but the pagination link provided will help you loads. The site houses an average of 300 photo sets with 150 hi res photos inside. The resolution available is at 2240 x 1680. With your BiMaxx membership, the network will grant you access to other hardcore porn sites of the same caliber but of different content, for free. These freebies will surely make your day and they are not to be taken lightly as they contain really good porn material, as well.

Content Quality

You can find anything and everything in this site. From hardcore anal and pussy fucking, to intense blow jobs, tug jobs, and tit jobs, not to mention your raunchy threesomes, foursomes, and orgies. No matter what this porn site brings to the table, they make sure that it comes with a bang and does not fail to deliver at all. With its many full HD videos that last for 30 minutes each, the site is a sure hit to a lot of people. As we speak, there are 300+ videos that grace the site and every bit of it is glorious in different ways.

There are two options to watch the scenes/movies: you can watch them in-browser, just make sure you have an embedded Flash player updated and stuff. You get a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution here, as well as a 1280 x 720 one. At times, with the newer videos, the site provides a 4K resolution. You may also download the scenes/movies in MP4 format having the same set of resolutions available. The scenes and photos can be viewed in mobile devices, as well.

Long Story Short

Looking for quality porn in huge numbers? Then come and enjoy every little bit of BiMaxx. The best of bisexual sex scenes are rampant here and you will enjoy every moment of your time in this paradise.

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