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Thursday, 08 September 2016 / Published in Gay

BrutalTops Overview

Swanky huge, brutaltop dudes from Britain dishing out some dreadful treatment, discipline, and gay fucking to apologetic submissive? Check out and ascertain if you can deal with BrutalTops, a fresh platform showing hostile males embarrassing their male substitutes with whatever you can get hold of. The website is tidy, expertly made, and appears even more exciting owing to that. Welcome!

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Tech & Specs

BrutalTops entails a fresh site design. It is pretty simple and tidy. The main focus in here is on the content rather than sophisticated functionalities. Navigation is a bliss here. Moving from one section to another section of the platform is very simple and that is it. The layout of the site is well arranged rendering it even tidier. The user interface is very well arranged and that is it.

Taking a peep on the technical aspects in here, I can state that the platform provides a very modest material anthology. There are top quality Windows Media Video files to download and Flash-based streaming films to watch on your browser. The former can save without any limit since there are no DRM restrictions.

Folks who are always on the go will be very happy to know that the site comes with a mobile platform here. The mobile platform is compatible with several phone browsers in the market.

Content Quality

BrutalTops offers you the imaginary world of harshness among attractive gay males, with unkind scenes and plenty of hardcore fucking. Degradation and domination are the toughest when it comes to males. Particularly when these are unkind British tops, hairy, perilous, and well-packed. If you have been in search of a spanking new amusement in the realm of gay BDSM, there is something you ought to certainly look at. BrutalTops here is an awesome fresh platform from a similar squad that presented to you CMNM and Straight Hell.

It is British and those dudes are famous for their raunchy and delightful fetish platforms, particularly in the gay genre. BrutalTop is all about embarrassment, castigation, and obsession centred hardcore gay fucking ensuing between controlling males, at times groups of them, and destitute bottoms who think every spot and beating is a windfall.

I did watch anal devastating, deep throating in a number of the videos here. The willing boys from the UK go through rough acts of complete submission. Tongues wipe muddy soccer cleats, latrines are licked clean, and there is plenty of feet worshipping, whippings, strapping using leather straps, watersports and fisting, and spanking. It is complete devastation.

Even if the subject has been formerly explored in porn entertainment, BrutalTop feels like a completely fresh take. The platform presents all its main points and advantages in the tour section. I can assert that it appears so much greater than the free regions you may be used to visiting other sex platforms.

Take a look at yourself, BrutalTops takes you on an ideal tour through its pluses, matching the material with other platforms, indicating main attributes and presenting the benefits. Do not miss out on the unique table of entities here, some amusing and wild wording here. The content is so erotic to the point of creepy.

Long Story Short

It is true, BrutalTops gets brutal sometimes. The site houses every type of nasty shame and nasty fucking sets, and that is going to gratify all fetish aficionados actually. It is easy and pretty basic in its design, rendering is simple to handle. It is technically okay with no quality glitches at all, and it definitely delivers on its tour promises. As it develops, it is going to stick out even further as one of the most unique, wickedest and on-theme niche platforms of its sort.

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