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Wednesday, 19 April 2017 / Published in Euro
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Buttformation Overview

Butt formation is a brand new European porn site giving us a taste of what it’s like to have a sexy and attention seeking butt. Of course, you get a really good sex, right? These European hardcore videos will make you lust over these gorgeous gym freaks. You can really tell that long days and hard work in the gym really pay off with these sexy European xxx scenes.

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Tech & Specs

The website can be described in three simple words: Responsive, Neat and Simple. It is responsive to user requests. The page loads quickly without any hassle. The pictures load quickly and the videos have five to ten seconds buffer time. That is of course provided that you have a good internet connection. The contents are also organized accordingly. The look of the site is also not cluttered. I liked the combination of all the elements in the page— the font style, the font color, the color scheme and the position of each of them. It has a good navigation menu too! Moreover, one the most important features that it has are the sorting and filtering tools. Users can sort the contents according to categories and user ratings. There is also a search tool that allows you to use keywords to find what you are looking for. The videos are tagged and that is why you can search them anywhere in the site. Three of the remarkable places in the site are the homepage, the videos section and the models index.

The homepage contains an overview of the site. It has pictures that are linked to specific movies in the collection. Clicking on each of the picture will automatically redirect you to the videos section of the site. In the videos section, you see a handful of videos that will unfold before your sight. There are also scenes descriptions in every video which help users internalize what the scene is all about. Aside from that, this helps the users decide if the scene will keep them interested or if they should pick another one. There’s also a streaming and downloading option that you can find here. In total, there are already over 60 videos in the collection. There are no photo galleries in the site though but you can still enjoy an unlimited download of the videos. The quality is excellent and I can guarantee that there are no low-resolution videos in here.

The site only offer HD, Full HD and Ultra HD videos and any of these three are perfect to watch in full screens. An MP4 format and other mobile formats are available if you download the videos. Last but not the least, the models index is where you can find personal information about the models. This is the perfect place to go if you want to get to know more of your favorite hottie. Aside from some juicy information about these girls, it also includes the videos in which they were featured. Apart from these, the site also has a pretty interesting reward system. Each time you renew your subscription, you will receive a new site to add in your bonus contents. This is an interesting way to keep the members looking forward to another subscription period with the site! Setting that aside, you already have 60 extra videos that come along with your membership too! Most importantly, these videos are all in high definition and ultra-high definition, so you surely won’t be disappointed.

Content Quality

The site still has 20 models performing in its videos. Although the number is not that large, I’m pretty sure this number will soon increase as the days pass by. What’s important is that these girls are all physically fit and oozing with sex appeals. I’m not sure if it is because of their extra gorgeous curves or these girls just have it in them naturally. Anyway, these firm bums are the highlights of every video. The models are all Europeans. We all know how European sluts look beautiful, busty and flawless. So, imagine these girls with an extra bulge behind. They’re definitely the best butts from Europe! Butt Formation has a lot of workout scenes where you’ll see these girls stretch and do lounges to keep that ass tight and firm.

With that, who wouldn’t get inspired to hit the gym? But it’s not only those types of scenes that you’ll be able to see in this site. There is also outdoor sex, cock sucking, girl to girl action and stripping scenes in some parts of the videos. These girls are undeniably horny. They simply want to flaunt that ass in public to invite a sex partner. They are public temptations and no one can ignore these girls or avoid giving them what they want. There are mostly POV videos that give the viewers a good view of that nice ass. And who would forget those big wiggly breasts? While duo scenes are fun to watch, the site is not limited to those types alone. There are also trio and solo scenes that you can enjoy.

Long Story Short

Butt Formation makes me want to hit the gym right away. After watching some of the videos, I felt envious of those firm butts that are getting what they wanted. Launched in 2017, Butt Formation has already been making a name in the porn industry with the kind of contents that they are making. The quality and the scenes are all highly erotic. It should be one of the must-see sites of the Stiffia Network. Moreover, it has a bunch of fascinating bonus sites such as WCP Club, MMV Flms, Leche 69, Japan HD, Magma Film, Thagson, Herzog Videos, Joy Bear, and Paradise Film. These bonus sites vary from each other— there are POV sites, Softcore sites, Interracial sites, Casting sites, Amateur sites, Lesbian sites and Vintage sites. All these means that you have plenty of other options whenever you run out of videos to watch from Butt Formation.

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