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Friday, 23 September 2016 / Published in Gay

DamondDoggXXX Overview

Damond Dogg XXX is a gay porn website intended to be watched by gay porn lovers, gay people and gay fetishists alike. The website is very well equipped with videos regarding gay porn and they do the job very well in attracting the customers towards their brand of porn.

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Tech & Specs

The design of the website is very well sought out and they make a very good impression upon reaching the website. It features an uncommon black background with gray overlays for the menus and screens of the videos and other sidebar sections of the website. The logo has a very creative edge to it, it has a factory with gears on the bottom and two pillars with a very comical touch wherein there is cum shooting out of the pillars, the text in the middle reads Damond Doggs Cum Factory.

Besides the logo on both sides are pictures of their poster model ken Riggs sporting a cowboy hat and pictures of him and others in hardcore gay action. Below this is the menu bar which contains videos, top videos, fuck buddies, and categories. Below that, as usual, there is an array of videos lined up for you to see with newest updates, top rated updates, and top rated fuck buddies. There are some cool features that this site offers.

First off is the fuck buddies option, wherein you can go through real amateur gay men of different ethnicities wanting to have hot, steamy, sex with other people willing to do so, sort of like a little fucking classifieds section in the website. The second feature that this website has is the comments section. Random admirers of the website can comment on the videos and features of the website and maybe also have a little chat with different people regarding gay sex. I think these are very innovative ideas that the makers have come up with hardly seen in any other porn websites, big kudos to them.

Content Quality

There are a lot of videos for you to choose from and you can scroll from the 83+ scenes available to watch and download from. There are over 47 models to choose from and you can specifically view the videos of these models when you click on them in the designated section. You may download the videos in Mp4 at 2000k at 1280×720 resolution and in WMV in 2000k at 1280×720 resolution. You may also view the videos in a browser in 768×432 resolution.

For the picture lovers, there are picture galleries for you to see, a total of 58+ galleries with 40 pictures in each gallery but unfortunately, you may not download the pictures in a zip file. On the mobile, though, Damon Dogg XXX is top notch, absolutely great, it is mobile optimised as is seen with a large amount of mobile user access to porn and the streaming is seamless, it starts playing as soon as you press play on the icon in the window.

All the content is exclusive so you can be sure to see all the videos only on this website and not on any freebie porn website. Apart from all this, there is a personals provision where you can enter your age, color, preference, seeking details and so on so as to meet other gay people and bust a nut with them !

Long Story Short

Damon Doggs XXX is attractive and eye catching and the quality of the images on the video snaps are equally good. The videos are very esoteric with some bathtub sex scenes very rarely seen in porn videos. You will like what you see on here so better visit this website all you gay porn lovers!

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