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Sunday, 24 July 2016 / Published in POV
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FirstClassPoV Overview

The PoV porn is a really hot topic, and thanks to the more advanced technology of nowadays, it’s easy to shot in high quality, and the cam-glasses offer real point of view porn, since the action is captured from eye-level. The FirstClassPoV grants the members hot scenes of exciting and quite exhausting blowjobs. These girls get on with their hot blowjobs as soon as they get the chance, and while they are at it, you can see that they really know how to handle a cock. As a site of the Spizoo’s network, the FirstClassPoV is present since 2010. Currently the site has circa 260 blowjob videos, available in different formats and high quality.

The Spizoo seems to believe in this series, since the studio keeps producing videos for it, and you can expect a new blowjob scene every week. We were quite happy to not the update schedule is kept, so our FirstClassPoV review isn’t about the bad things. In fact, we can’t really mention negative elements about the site, because the content isn’t just great, but it’s easily accessible, and there is real world class adult fun for every eager visitor. Naturally, the bonuses are also numerous, and the generosity of the Spizoo network is an element which can make it get to the top quite soon. If you join the FirstClassPoV, you also become eligible to browse the whole network.

There are 11 additional sites to visit – but you can reach their content from the members’ zone easily. Every site – including the FirstClassPoV – offers exclusive content, so it’s really worth a try. The bonus portals are covering hardcore and sometimes kinky niches, all served in a glamorous way performed by some of the best pornstars around. You can enjoy here solo scenes, one on one action featuring different fantasies and some fetishes also have their place in the collection. Apart from the videos and the photos, you can enjoy live cam shows too.

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Tech & Specs

The sites of the Spizoo network are all looking fine, and they all give that professional impression a man seeks when it comes to porn. The large thumbnails throughout the page and the hot preview clips are making it sure that you get the hang of the content, and you will want to get in. Fortunately, the site’s good layout is also featured inside. You will find a menu on the top, which features the favorites list, the live chats, girls’ list and the extra video feeds. Also a dropdown is there, so you can quickly change the site you are browsing. The search engine of the site is capable of performing basic and advanced search too. Basically, all options you have while you are using a desktop PC are also working fine on the mobile interface of the FirstClassPoV too. As a member of the FirstClassPoV you get unlimited download and streaming access. The embedded player is nicely built, and the downloadable files are also granting good options. You can enjoy many videos in HD and in 1080p. (The stream is only HD-capable)

Content Quality

If you’ve never heard of the Spizoo network, then you have to get ready, because you are in for a treat. This network of porn sites features the hottest, and some of the most popular porn stars of the adult entertainment industry of today. On the FirstClassPoV you can see them suck, and get their faces covered with cum. Those who enjoy watching hardcore sex, should check another Spizoo site, but if you like blowjobs in PoV style, you will certainly love the scenes here.

The videos on this site are especially hot because the girls in them are amazingly gorgeous pieces. Though you won’t see much of them because of the PoV style, but if you know your way around porn, you will recognize many of them. There will be lots of make-up on the faces, big fake breasts a bit lower, and some sexy eyes looking into your eyes as you enjoy the show. There are only professionals here, and they know how to handle a cock, not even being concerned about the size. Their mouth is flexible, and it’s a one size fits all.

The FirstClassPoV has sexy pornstars, getting down on their knees and sucking that well-hung bastard nice and well. Well, the videos here are really nice; though don’t expect dozens of porn niches covered. You will see here only blowjobs, but the collection is more varied than you would first thing. Apart from the different places the videos are shot in, there are scenes with some tit-fucking, and sometimes the girls get mad and start talking dirty.

The site’s claims of oral sex porn video masterpieces are certainly met, because these scenes are very good. They are shot with good equipment, with perfect lighting and the girls really give everything into it.

There isn’t much of directing here, and there is certainly no story-line at all. These videos just happen, and the guy gets his cock sucked dry, and he loads his stuff all over the girls’ face. You can find here bits of facefucking, tit-jobs, and also lot of cumshots. In most cases the shot is delivered on the girls’ face, and you can see their make-up getting worse with every drop. Exciting and long blowjob scenes are featured here.

Long Story Short

You may have already come to the conclusion as we did: this site is really awesome. The girls are gorgeous, and since they are all professionals they put on a great show. We were really satisfied with the quality, since basically it’s the greatest strength of this site.

It’s hard to find a good blowjob collection, but the FirstClassPoV is one of the best. If you enjoy watching pornstars sucking cum from stiff cocks, this experience is one you shouldn’t miss. Also the considerable amount of high quality videos of the network sites is making the site a good deal.

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