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Monday, 25 January 2016 / Published in Fetish
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Footworship Overview

If indeed variety is the spice of life, then why shouldn’t it apply to sex and hardcore fucking too; why must all of us be straight, man banging woman, and that’s all? How boring the world would have been if the only kind of sex seen is a woman lying flat and a man on top of her thrusting away; yuck! Sounds archaic! But for lovers of something extraordinary, out of this world, and simply thrilling in every sense of it, foot fucking is it. Without a doubt, there is no other bizarre, weird, or outlandish kind of sex that beats this one; not fist fucking, not dildo fucking, and definitely not cock fucking. This is the very height of BDSM you mind can ever conceive. The very idea of having to tickle the cunt and ass hole, or even insert a whole foot into a gaping ass hole is just breathtaking; using the toes to stimulate and massage the clitoris is something definitely off the hook, it is like being in paradise already. These awesome foot fucking videos are so unique and exclusive you cannot find them anywhere else except on this enigmatic site. At FootWorship, it is not the sexual acts alone that would thrill you, it is the entire package, the storyline, the props, the backgrounds, the locations, the dirty sex talk, and the awesome site itself. It’s a combination of all that is great, all that is weird, and all that is sexy. That’s a badass combination indeed. The site is loaded with so much BDSM and exclusive thrilling videos that would simply take your breath away. On this amazing XXX website, you’ll find tons of videos in Femdom, Divine Bitches, Electro Sluts, Men aching, Whipped Ass, and Wired Pussy categories. If you think you can handle more, there are still loads of videos in other categories like Bound in Public, Butt Machine Boys, Naked Kombat, Gay Fetish, Fucking Machines, Shemale, Gangbang, Gay, 30 Minutes of Torment, and so much more; more than your mind can even conceive. The producers of these videos are the most talented and most creative of BDSM porn experts in the world, every day thinking of and getting to record more unusual but very erotic porn shows that would keep you stuck at the edge of your seat. Hardcore banging has never been this dynamic and creative, it has never been this daring and experimental; and that is why everything you see on FootWorship is unique, out of this world, as well as exclusive to the site. Few would have believed that you can make a girl squirt using the foot to fuck hard only; even fewer would believe that you can get loads of cum off a stiff hard dick by just massaging it with the feet; or who would have thought that penetrating the gaping asshole with a foot can lead to amazing orgasm that is earthshaking and pleasurable at the same time. FootWorship has taking the game of BDSM fucking to the next level; a level that no other site can even imagine of. It’s the best and most loaded site for all those who love something special and unique from porn. FootWorship is the ultimate!

Tech & Specs

This unique site offers users so much features and categories, so much so that you can never be bored or tired of watching. Even for gays, lesbians, and straights, there are more than enough videos that cover their sexual orientations, comfortably. It’s a whole new way of viewing porn on the internet. The sheer volume of videos on offer for such a minimal amount makes the deal even more mouthwatering. All these you either watch online via high speed streaming, or download as many as you want for your personal enjoyment. The subscription channel to this site is 100% safe and secure; everything you do at that point is completely discreet, just as you want it. And with a free account registration, you can also gain access to some available portions of the site; even without paying a dime. That’s awesome. This offers you as many as 10,000 videos, free and unlimited trailers, amazing HD scenes, and access even from your mobile device. But as a full member, the fun is heightened to proportions that are just unmatched by any other site. You get full and unrestricted access to everything the site offers. Live cam shows, behind the scenes videos, get access to the FootWorship lovers’ community, and so much more. Once a subscribed member of this site, you would not need to fool around the internet anymore looking for fun. All you need to enjoy yourself while jerking off or relaxing are here in the thousands.

Content Quality

Indeed, it’s the girls that make this site unique and simply incredible. These super porn artistes are the best of the very best. The videos feature some big names in the industry like Allie Haze, Krissy Lynn, Amy Brooke, and Brandy Aniston. These are some of the most popular porn stars the world has ever seen. Their mastery of feet fucking is just unbelievable; making girls squirt and men cum hard just with their feet. You won’t believe it unless you see it. The videos are all shot in super HD formats and the pictures, with the best High Resolution cameras available in the market today. These girls are daring, they are creative, they are talented, they are bold, and most of all, they are sexy beyond description. No better words are there to describe them than exquisite; the queens of thrilling and wonderful alternative porn videos.

Long Story Short

Forget all the useless tube videos lying about the internet with no useful content or storyline; FootWorship is here to completely change how you see porn, how you use porn, and how you understand porn. It is a user’s delight; a site that is simple to use, yet coated with the best technologies and features for your viewing enjoyment.

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