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Sunday, 01 May 2016 / Published in Mature
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Ftvmilfs Overview

FTVMILFS was established since September of 2002 and producing only topnotch porn videos, from then on it gained its popularity amongst trusted members and respect from its models. Through the test of time, they already have done a lot of research and several designs of what it takes to be the world’s greatest and largest soft-core porn site. In this porn site, videos are made real and intimate. You can really see that their beautiful women are absolutely enjoying what they do and so you will in return. They got hundreds of thousands of high resolution images taken by their own professional photographers and terabytes of top quality videos with their beautiful models with absolutely no digital modifications/alterations done. Unedited, it is! Just the true essence of natural beauty from these women because they highly believe that it is more erotic if their models don’t look fake/plastics. They also want their members to experience the convenience of easy downloading multiple files such as photosets and videos by having it in a zip format. And speaking of formats, they also made sure that you can play their videos on different gadgets of different ages as long as you have a video player. Indeed, this a hassle-free viewing experience!

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Tech & Specs

For almost 14 years in the adult film industry, they still have the edge in providing only the original, natural and quality films. The uniqueness of FTV is not only on their videos but in their excellent photography as well. They keep their members by giving them a vast variety of their honest-to-goodness collections. It is compiled in a very well-manner that browsing was never made easy. They also laid-out their website in a minimalist version which each icon is can be found in the upper section. They have organized everything from the model’s personal notes, behind the scenes and more. Photos and videos are taken by high-end cameras namely Nikon and Canon series that will definitely give you a high definition image. They regularly update their site at least five times a month with immensely huge number of photos and videos that are found in the ‘Updates Section’ and some are shoot by new jaw-dropping faces. FTV’s archive is tremendously terrific! Imagine from the day they started their business up to now they never have deleted anything from it instead they keep adding new favorites. Nothing is recycled, everyday is a new addition to FTV. Again, nothing is taken off ever since. They got over 900,000 and growing members since their public opening. One thing I love the most about this site is that they are no annoying pop-up banners and other irritating things since they can basically stand on their own. You can really focus on what you are watching! Jerking off, peacefully!

Content Quality

FTV’s gorgeous models comes only with natural beauty, they made sure to avoid most of the time that their women will look like plastic Barbie dolls. Almost 95% of their images are not airbrushed in any way or even photoshopped because they want their models to have fresh faces even during hot sex scenes. They believe that beauty comes from having a realistic personality. Even FTV means First Time Videos, most of their models already have sexual experiences and about 30% of them you will never see anywhere else and are exclusive to FTV alone. In their ‘Models Section’, you will notice how it is neatly organized. They made sure that everything will be in order. The models’ portfolios have their personal data, behind the scenes photos, synopsis of their act and a preview of their steamy videos. Some of these good looking and daring women are Michelle, Reena, Alysha, Cytherea, Allision, Jeanie, Alexis and many more. These alluring women will surely make your day great! As you browse on their Update Section, you will see that these ladies don’t only have the prettiest faces but also their sexy curves are to die for! They pleasure themselves by doing masturbations,doing public nudes and unique videos for the first time. In this site they make sure that you will see how their models climax to reach the real thing of having genuine orgasm, they hate anything that is fake. These girls are more than willing to do all the crazy exotic performances in their videos. You will be having a lot of fun exploring paradise with them. They will undoubtedly make you cum the FTV style!

Long Story Short

First Time Videos, has made its way through adult entertainment along time ago. They got only the fairest MILFS in town. FTV made sure to capture only high quality photos and videos in its best resolution. They really value their viewers thus making them the largest softcore porn membership in the world. Their voluptuous models are one of a kind. They are mature, extremely horny and is fairly uninhibited. It will make you explode tons of your oozing hot liquid! FTV is the greatest among other leading porn site since they are the only site that allow members to download their photosets and videos at once, they have it in zip format. There’s no need for you to choose and select what to keep since you can have it all anytime, anywhere. Having the privilege to access their massive archive is a big advantage already. Imagine you can watch sex videos that were posted since september of 2002. Just impressive! This site has not been made to make a ‘quick buck’, but instead to stand on itself and become a major authority in this over saturated internet adult industry. FTVMILFS is just simply extraordinary!

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