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Sunday, 28 February 2016 / Published in Massage
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Fuckedhard18 Overview

Don’t you just wish you could be an expert massage therapist? Probably not, but some of the guys here in the office certainly do. And you know why? We have stumbled across different porn sites these past few weeks that feature massage therapists! This is actually the third one, but we think that this is the most awesome among the three. It is also the most unique because of its concept. Allow us to tell you all about this further. For the first site that we have seen, it’s the girls who are doing the massaging. We think this is the easiest one to pull off because we believe that any guy who’s massaged and seduced by a really hot chick would certainly get turned on good enough to fuck. The second porn site, though, the tables are turned and it’s the girls who are given a massage. The expert massage therapist would then put his talents and tools (like stimulating body oil) to good use in order to get the ladies horny, and in the end, beg to be fucked. However, this third porn site is different from both because the girls actually apply to get a free massage from the (super lucky and freaking genius) massage therapist. And of course, we all know what happens next! We also know that you are excited to learn the name of this awesome porn site already so here it is: it is called Fucked Hard18. The porn site alone has over three hundred different sexy ladies – all with videos of their own. A new girl is added each week so expect for that number to grow even more. However, aside from these awesome videos, signing up for the site will also give you access to other perks which we are going to talk about later on. For now, let us focus on the membership steps. Don’t worry, their sign up process is one of the simplest ones we’ve seen. It is made up in twos: first they have two steps, and then they have two membership options. Cool, right? So it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete everything. The first step is to accomplish the form. Again, it’s only going to ask you for two things: the username that you want to use, and the password that you need to enter. After that, you will move on to the second step – the one that requires you to select the membership option that you want to get: either a one-month membership option or a two –month membership option. What we suggest is for you to select the two-month option because it provides another month for free!

Remember that we are not affiliated whatsoever with this porn site, so we are not really sure for how long this offer will last. But at the time that we are writing this review, the offer is still standing. And now, let us go back to the other perks that you will get upon joining. After signing-up, you will also gain access to other porn sites that are affiliated with Fucked Hard18. This means that you just pay for the fee of one porn site, but you get full access to multiple porn sites at no additional cost. Aside from that, you will also get exclusive access to watch the DVDs that these porn sites produce. Instead of buying a copy, you can just go ahead and download it straight to your computer. Some even offer sneak peeks and viewing privileges even before their DVD counterparts are released! Finally, they offer a chance for you to interact with the porn models within their network by having access to live webcams and chat with the ladies.

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Tech & Specs

We found the website design of this porn site very different from others because of the bright blue and pink colors that they have used. We are probably just used to seeing black-themed porn sites all the time, that’s why. And this is not a bad thing because we actually like it. It has a sense of fun in it. Upon landing on the homepage a wide banner will welcome you. It contains a collage of the pictures of their models and the screenshots of some of the best scenes that you will get to watch within the porn site. Below the banner, you will already get to see the big previews to their videos. These previews are packed with so much information. First, you will see the title of the video. The title contains some hints about the video like the age of the girl starring in the video, what she does for a living, and finally, what the massage therapist is going to do to her for instance: “(age), Contortionist – Fucked Hard and Creampied For Her First Time”. After the title, you will see the different-sized thumbnails showing images of the video, and a short paragraph usually containing what the massage therapist thinks about the hottie that he will be massaging and fucking afterwards. And then you will see a thumbnail of the photo that the girl submitted in order to avail of the “free massage”. And that’s it. At the bottom of the page, you will then see links to join the site and see more previews.

Content Quality

Because of the nature of the site, you will never know for sure the next hottie that you will get to see, but because of this fact, it also added an element of surprise for us. You will see a good mix of different types of beauties and nationalities, right? As for the videos, the set is always the massage studio, so the equipment and lighting never changes. In this way, you are always sure about the high quality of the videos that you are going to see.

Long Story Short

Overall, you will never regret signing up for this porn site especially if you love watching this type of porn. Also, we might consider applying for a massage therapist position anytime soon. Just joking!

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