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Tuesday, 15 March 2016 / Published in Public Sex
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Hqupskirt Overview

Have you ever thought about the very first experience that you got turned on by a girl? The moves that you did in order to get closer and touch it – or just sneak a peek? Ahh, those were the good old days. Don’t you think it is kinda funny thinking how we got so turned on just by seeing the color of a girl’s panties, and now here we are, able to see pussies every day through porn? However, there are some of us who have not gotten past this fantasy. In fact, a lot of us here in the office still haven’t! We love a good upskirt porn video any day. This is the reason why we have searched for one. We spend hours searching, and for a couple of minutes, we almost thought we would never find it – until we did! We are talking about the HQ Upskirt. It is a porn site dedicated to one hundred percent upskirt porn. You can spend hours just looking at what’s underneath the skirts of the ladies that they have in the website and what is even more fun is that they are not wearing anything underneath! Unlike those days when you work really hard just to see panties, this time, you won’t see panties because you are already going to see what you really want to see. A wet pussy. We are also very pleased to share with you that HQ Upskirt has a massive library made up of photos and videos. In total, they have almost one thousand five hundred movies, and almost twenty-three thousand videos. Plus, you are not going to see porn stars here deliberately lifting their skirts, along with actors and extras in the scene that are completely aware of what the ladies are trying to do. No, you are not going to see any of that. You are going to see real life ladies, brave girls who dare to disregard their need to wear any underwear and grant men like us the pleasure and excitement to watch their upskirt porn videos. If you are already interested in the membership plans, then allow us to share them with you as well. There are only main two options to choose from – and both of them are being offered at a promo price right now: a thirty-day full access, and a ninety-day full access. Aside from this two, you also get an option to sign up for a trial membership. You can get one to two-day trial access for a very minimal fee.

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Tech & Specs

We really liked the layout of their website. Honestly, a lot of people would think that it is not as impressive and appealing like the other porn sites on the internet, but we think that it serves its purpose effectively – even more, efficient than those flashy websites. It also puts more focus on their videos, and that is, what’s more important: functionality and content. That’s what we believe. Upon landing on the homepage, the first thing that you are going to see is a big video trailer of their latest video. Above the trailer, you are going to see their navigation: it leads to the porn site’s different pages: movies, photos, community, and other pages that you might find helpful once you sign up as an official member. Below the video, you are going to see the porn site’s latest photo albums. Each album is represented by a thumbnail – probably one of the best images in the bunch, just to give you an idea of what you are going to see. These thumbnails also contain other information like the album’s title, a short description, and finally how many pics there are within the album. Below that you are going to see the thumbnails for their latest videos next. Like the photo album thumbnails, these thumbnails contain other information as well, like the title, the video’s length, a short description, and the date when it was uploaded. And that’s it. They have one hundred forty-one pages in total. So take your time to explore.

Content Quality

One thing that we love about the site is their creative cameramen. While some albums and videos were obviously user-submitted by the girls themselves, there are also a lot of videos submitted by men where they have secretly filmed it without the girl knowing about it, and this is the real treasure within this porn site – authentic upskirt videos. These are pretty rare. Like what we have mentioned above, it took some time for us to find this porn site. As for the ladies, they did not actually feature a particular type of girl or even a certain nationality. Having said this, you are actually going to see a lot of different girls being featured here and we are sure that you are going to find your type of girl here. Another positive thing is that since their videos have that amateur charm, they seldom feature a repeat of girls, which means that you are going to see a different girl on every video. As for the videos, you may enjoy them in a full high definition quality which is pretty impressive.

Long Story Short

Overall, we really enjoyed our tour of this porn site, and we definitely recommend HQ Upskirt to all of the fans of this type of porn genre. Also, let us mention that aside from the videos, there are also other things that you can enjoy in the site. You may visit their Community page to learn more. In the end, it is not easy to collect a library of quality upskirt videos so that on its own is already a thumbs up from us for the HQ Upskirt porn site. The membership perks are just an awesome addition.

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