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Wednesday, 03 February 2016 / Published in Public Sex
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Japaneseflashers Overview

There is a time in everybody’s life, when they realize that public nudity is hot. If that person is lucky, and has someone in his/her life who is wild enough to do some flashing or even to have sex in public, they need to be careful, because there is always someone who watches. The videos and photos of the Japanese Flashers show what happens when that third person records the intercourse, or the nude posing. This content is really hot, and if you have a voyeur in you, these movies are must-have videos for you. Since some of the videos here are actual amateur porn and hidden-camera footages, it’s safe to say, that they are not totally exclusive. The quality however is pretty good, because much of these videos were shot on purpose, only the Japanese know how to shoot reality-porn that really looks like amateur porn. The Japanese Flashers is a member of the All Japanese Pass network. Those who join this site also gain access to the scenes from all network pages; in fact, the members’ zone is a hub for this site-family. 21 niche-driven websites are included in your membership, granting you access to more than 31,000 scenes from 7300+ Japanese DVDs. As a member you also gain the ability to enjoy some 3rd party feeds inside.

Tech & Specs

You will see a simple and somewhat unfinished website when you enter the Japanese Flashers. The tour on itself is the usual: you can browse the listed videos, but no actual preview; also the network sites are available on a different page. Been there, done that before. The interesting things await on the inside. Fortunately, the inner section of the Japanese Flashers look really good, and it has some nice features too. They implemented a search engine on the banner of the site. This is a basic engine, though it’s quite capable of getting you to the videos you are looking for. You can always find the network statistics under the search bar. The main menu offers nothing out of the ordinary, so you can find every usual option there. You can build a favorites’ list, which you can reach from this menu. To make it more comfortable, you can change the browsed page from a dropdown, or from the list of sites lower on the page. As you might expect, there are two ways to enjoy the videos of the Japanese Flashers. You can save them as MP4 files or you can watch them as Flash videos, streamed into your browser. Both offer standard video quality, and it’s just a bit better than average. Nevertheless the content is really hot, and no matter the quality if the sex is so hot than in these videos. Photos and video captures are mixed in the picture sets. Since the videos are not high-resolution flicks, and the photos aren’t that significant the overall picture quality is standard. Zip download is available.

Content Quality

Just as the site’s name says, there are Japanese girls and guys in these videos and they are flashing. Well, naturally, the girls are showing their treasures for the camera, the guys are just enjoying the view and the girls. This site offers yet another collection, where the hottest Japanese AV Idols are doing sexy things. It’s a middle-softcore section of the AllJapanesePass, where you can watch the hot, kinky models performing in public. Now, these girls might be professionals, and they are all Japanese, but they are highly different from each other. You can see here girls who are still their twenties, and they have wonderful, tight body and perky tits. However, the busty-fans can ease their lust too, because some of these models have some nicely shaped big breasts. Take the sexy Marin for instance: she is a hot MILF (that’s another hot niche fits into) and she is quite busty. The scene you can find with her is quite erotic: she wears nothing but a big read coat, and she flashes for the camera at different places. Also, Marin plays with her breast and shows her pussy to us too. But, to see the other end, you should take a look at Yuuri Katsuki: she is fresh, horny and eager to fuck in public. Showing-off in a fishnet and short pants she is quite sexy… and as soon as she gets a cock in her hands, she goes mad. The movies of the JapaneseFlashers are astonishing. They are not exclusive, that’s true (they come from Japanese DVDs), but they are quite good in quality and the things happening in them are really hot. Those who prefer studio porn, but tired of the fully staged mainstream stuff the big studios make, might find these videos far better. Though they are staged, the scenes are not taking place on the same place, and sometimes the flashing happens in public, but they have sex in more comfortable environment. There are two major types of videos here: softcore and hardcore. The softer scenes usually feature mostly flashing and some public masturbation, while the hardcore ones have it all. In the harder videos, the girls are showing their lady-parts in public, they get licked, or play with themselves. When they are horny enough, they get on with some straight sex. Since these are mostly semi-public intercourses, they usually give that nasty feeling that eventually turns on every voyeur.

Long Story Short

The Japanese Flashers has a unique collection. Public nudity and public sex are really popular activities nowadays, and fortunately, there are always folks who capture this kind of stuff. Those who are voyeurs deep in their hearts will be satisfied with what the site has to offer. If you don’t think that this type of porn is your thing, you should still consider joining, because the network access grants you a great collection of hardcore porn to browse. The covered niches vary and there heavy things taking place too.

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