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Sunday, 25 November 2018 / Published in Fetish
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JapanPissTV Overview

What is it that goes on in a man’s mind when he is staring at a woman? Am not sure whether lesbian girls also stare at girls they consider hot, and if they do, what exactly goes on the staring woman’s mind? Well, I have got answers to these questions, men imagine what the woman they are staring at looks like while naked. The man is imagining how that butt looks like while nude and what it would feel like spanking it, thoughts of what the round tits behind the lingerie look like and what kind of blow job they are likely to offer also dominate in some men’s minds. But at the climax of all those imaginations, one imagines what the center of gravity holds- what exactly does her pussy look like? And how would having sex with her feel like? Well, have no worries and look no further, japanpisstv is there for you. Japanpisstv was launched in 2014.

It is a site that offers you funny and exciting videos of hot chicks caught by secret cameras pissing in public. At least, the site lets you know what the pussy and by extension the butt of the random beautiful girls you just met looks like. About how intercourse with her feels like – you can continue imagining. The cameras catch some very interesting and exciting scenes which range from cute and officially dressed girls pissing behind cars in large parking lots through college girls pissing in the gym shower to hot girls taking a leak in the public toilets. The cameras are strategically placed to allow the viewer not only see the piss flowing but also the nozzle from which the pee emanates and possibly its environs. Occasional farts as the pee is being pushed out (as it is physiologically predetermined) are not strange. All videos on the site are purely exclusive and of HD quality. The videos may not be very sharp as the cameras that take the pictures are hidden but the site of pee emanating from the urethra and the ass hole behind it more or less makes up for this inevitable deficiency of clarity. The vid caps are the only pictures featuring on this network. Otherwise the content does not include pictures. The network has a very big download limit of forty gigabytes. This thus ensures that customer convenience in viewing the content is not hindered by download limit. Moreover, streaming directly from the network is possible.

Tech & Specs

This network includes three sites which are all highly active and upload a lot of exclusive content for the viewer. These sites are:

* Japan Piss TV

* Sex Japan TV

* Voyeur Japan TV

The media content of the network includes downloadable videos of exclusive voyeur and exciting up skirt videos of cute Japanese girls peeing in public. The content is taken by hidden cameras thus the participants are usually unaware. This allows the participants to act as natural as possible. Download managers should be able to work on this site. Channel Max 8 has been shown to work perfectly on this site. This download manager is able to pause and resume depending on the viewer’s own convenience. IDM is the software which has been used to the functionality of Channel Max 8. The browser on this site acts at very high and acceptable speeds of up to fifty to one hundred megabytes per seconds. The network utilizes fiber optic internet. The files that have been uploaded on this site vary in sizes. MP4 format files are sized between three hundred and six hundred megabytes. The network offers numerous content as bonus videos. This videos have highly exciting content in them. The network allows the user to rate the content on the network. The network offers a section where the user can comment on the media content available. Videos can be streamed from this network using the Medium Flash player. The player is able to jump ahead immediately and has a one to three second buffer. The player has smooth playback and look very good. Free live camera shows are not offered on this network. However, the fact that the participants in this videos had the shooting done while they were unaware makes the scenes sound so real that the live camera shows are not missed. The site primarily includes pictures of cute girls pissing. The site also includes fetishes and Asian girls. The network updates on a weekly basis. Numerous media content are uploaded daily by the various sites that contribute into this network. This keeps the network very active.

Content Quality

A good number of sexy female models feature on this site. Currently, the media content on the network features nineteen female models. All videos on this network are of HD quality. The site offers numerous content with over one hundred and one scenes each with an approximate length of seven minutes featuring at the moment. Downloadable files of MP4 format featured on the site have dimensions of one thousand two hundred and eighty by seven hundred and twenty and come at a bit rate of five thousand (5000k) while files of Flash format have dimensions of seven hundred and twenty by four hundred and come at an unknown bit rate. Videos of flash format can be streamed. Majority of the models on this site are Japan based Asian model aged between eighteen and thirty years. The network also features a numerous number of cute amateurs and whatever things they do while pressed and during the process of relieving themselves. The models have average to thin body forms.

Long Story Short

The hidden cams give you such a good view of the pissing girl’s perineum as if you are stationed below the girl. You do not need to do queer things for you to enjoy the entertaining scenes of cute girls peeing – you only need to log on to this network. The network is highly entertaining and the scenes mind blowing.

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