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Kinkyangels Overview

The KinkyAngels will certainly satisfy your very needs, especially if you are looking for hardcore porn videos, with cute boys, who can’t wait to show their body and play with each other’s cock. As a BelAmi site, this portal has a lot of hot European twinks for you to rest your eyes on, and shake your shaker while you watch them. It looks like there is a lot to browse, so let’s dig a bit deeper and find out what the site actually has to offer, and whether it’s worth a try or not. When you open this site, you will come to the conclusion that it’s quite handsome. In fact, the looks of the portal doesn’t reflects its age: by simply looking on it, you wouldn’t tell that it launched in 2000. But as an active porn portal, the site just started sometimes in 2010-2011. The first issue dates to 2010, so that might be the actual date of launch. When you enter the site, you will see that it’s a magazine-like portal with issues published, with hot porn scenes in it. There is a new issue published every month, so we could say that they add four scenes per month. It’s a quite hot update schedule, and if you consider the hot photos they also add, it gets even better. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the site’s exclusivity. Every issue you can find in the members’ area has been created to be uploaded to this site. There is no chance to find these videos and photos on other sites, and this makes the KinkyAngels to be the perfect place for those who seek European twinks in sensual yet hardcore porn videos. Apart from the actual porn videos, as bonus content, you can watch documentaries (BTS) and interviews too, thus getting to know these guys and this industry a bit better.

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Tech & Specs

The site uses a bright color template, and it’s really fitting to the nice and shining faces shown on the photos. In fact, the first impression you might get from the site is that it looks great and the boys in there are well-worth watching in hardcore sex. As you can see, the site is simply built, and apart from hot photos, the tour offers nothing too spectacular. Trailers are not available, but if you open a video’s page, you can find a few more thumbnails on the bottom of the page. When you log in, the layout and the design remains the same, the only big difference you may notice is that you can actually play the videos. On the very top of the page you can change the issue you are browsing, while under the boys’ faces you can see the actual main menu. There is a menu called Series 1 which takes you to the older issues – they usually featured one guy in focus. The New Series links to the currently updated series, which actually stands at issue #38, and it seems to be continued as you hope. The About page features a short description and the usual promotional text about the features of the site. If you open a videos’ page, you will see the following: a player window, description, comments and picture galleries. The KinkyAngels is a streaming only site, so you won’t find any download options offered. You can switch between SD and HD quality, so you can set the quality to fit the abilities of your computer. Some might frown on being a streaming-only site, but to be honest, with the moral nowadays, it’s the only good way to ensure the exclusivity of the content which is more important than ever. You can find here hot photo galleries too. These are featuring modeling photos and actual shots taken during the scene. High quality, sharp and bright photos are these, and if you like to rest your eyes on hot boys, you can easily do so. Even downloading is an options, since each set comes in a zip file.

Content Quality

The KinkyAngels is a BelAmi site which focuses on cute twinks, originating from different parts of Europe. These boys are looking great, and they are doing a really fine show. Most of them are porn stars, so don’t expect clueless amateurs and semi-professionals, but the scenes seem to be coming from the reality-porn kind. We certainly loved to browse through the collection of models here. If you are looking for hot boys in hardcore sex, you are at the right place. These lads are twinks and fresh jocks, so don’t expect to find here those over-muscled big guys which are common in gay porn. Site has about 30 different lads, which means that you can enjoy the performance of really much cute guys. Since the models are Europeans mostly, you can find here lots of uncut cocks, so if that’s your thing, you might really enjoy browsing through this site. The boys are mostly Caucasians, originating from countries like Czech, Russia or Hungary. The videos here are vanilla hardcore porn scenes. The guys do some talking, there is some situation featured, but the main event is the hardcore sex they do. There are long blowjobs and kissing, and they prepare each other quite well, with long ass-licking sessions, so it’s not the right in the middle action. On its own the sex is quite ordinary, but as you can see, all of the newest hardcore scenes feature bareback porn.

Long Story Short

In case you prefer twinks, you might come to the conclusion that these are very hot pieces – they are handsome boys with nice body, tight ass and sometimes quit large cocks. It’s a standalone site, so much is true, but nonetheless it worth to take a look, and if you are someone with a crush on twinks, you will love what you can see here.

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