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Wednesday, 18 May 2016 / Published in Pornstar
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Kookoo4porn Overview

For perv people who responds like a Cuckoo bird whenever you see big tits, pussies, and asses, the Kookoo4porn is your one-stop destination for sizzling, hot and famous porn stars. If you are feeling lonely at night and it seems to be jerking off is the only way to make your night fun and exciting, you can sign and become a member of the Kookoo4porn. But if you are in the public places, how about viewing the site on your personal mobile devices, just make sure that the volume is muted or probably use a headset for your sake.

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Tech & Specs

There are so much to see once I enter the site. What I really love about the site’s feature is this hot brunette chick Amy Anderssen staring back at me. She’s gorgeous with her red lingerie suit and her body drive me crazy. I was overwhelmed and excited to see this bitch together with her gal friends and guys that will fuck her pussy and ass off. However, one thing I noticed is that the site did not concentrate on a single niche in terms of the kinds of actions that they are going to be presented. In here, there are several scenes to be expected such as solo, dildos, lesbian fuck scenes, one on one with a guy, threesome, blowjobs, facial cum, fetish, stripping and plenty other things. But, they have the same thing in common and that is all of them are hardcore and they all have HD quality. It might be a total turn off for you guys who wants to see much action from the site. Currently, there are only 34 vids to be exact. The site is apparently lacking content but wait until you become an official member. Why did you ask? It is because the network will grant you full access to 35 sites, live chats with the bitches, and live streaming shows. Not to mention that you are going to receive your daily dose of updates via email. The photos, on the other hand, are spectacular. All of them are in good quality and the camera crew done a great job when it comes to the lighting and effect. Going back to the videos, they can be transferred to your computer or mobile devices using different formats. If you can’t wait to watch the action, you probably want to watch them in streaming. As for the images, there will be a bunch of photos featuring hot and sexy Koo-Koo girls that you will absolutely love. Most of these images are shots taken from the videos. There are also jaw-dropping poses featuring ay Summers, Kendra White and the starlet of the night Amy Anderssen.

Content Quality

As for the videos, none of them are dated but there is a pop-up menu featuring the coming soon button that allows you to see when a new video or photo will be posted. In case you missed it, the site will automatically send the notification to your email. Though it is a fact, that there are only few hardcore scenes to be enjoyed, the site promises that all the vids and images you are about to see are exclusive. Meaning to say, you are not going to find these videos and images to other porn sites. Now for the girls, they are not your typical porn stars you often see on most porn sites. These are busty big sized titties bitches that will make your dick fully erected. See them as they bounce when doing the cowgirl or guys is hitting their asses off. There are many lesbo actions particularly skin to skin boobies and nipple licking. For, sure these numbers are quite enough for your earthly desire. Amy Anderssen is known for her massive boobies. She is from Canada and has a Lebanese descent. She started her career when she turned at her 20s. She wants to describe herself as a sex addict and literally she does. She likes threesome or even groupies and she loves to see lots of huge dicks in front of her. Currently, she is active making an adult film and provides escorting in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Another famous porn stars featured at the Kookoo4porn is Kendra White. She’s a hot freaking brunette with an awesome tattoo on her arms and back. She has been in the adult business for quite some time now and she active in the business making lesbian actions and solos. She lost her virginity during her premature years and then after she craves for more sex particularly from lesbo bitches. Back then she is working at the nightclub and discovered by an agent. Lots of producers and filmmakers recognized her potential in the business. The vids included from the site are sick. It is going to be nasty and hardcore as these bitches will do almost everything for pleasure sake. See Amy Anderssen getting busted by a guy with a huge, long and veiny red dick. At the very beginning of this video, Amy will show off her busty boobies, smooth legs, and pussy. Then here comes the white guy with his erected dick all over Amy’s faces. Amy will lick the foreskin, suck the balls and be fucked in her mouth. The guy can no longer take the pleasure, so he begins to fuck Amy at her pussy. Amy will bend over and you can see those titties waving at you.

Long Story Short

If you are still anxious about it, then I encourage you to play the teaser. Discover the things to be expected and see Amy Anderssen together with the other Koo-Koo girls in action. Generally speaking, even though the site is lacking in content, if you considered the quality, the porn stars and the bonuses included, what more can you ask? It is a must see porn site for booby lovers and Amy Anderssen fans.

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