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Thursday, 27 February 2014 / Published in Network
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LethalPass Overview

Does the name LethalPass turn you on? I’m sure your answer is ‘no’. Remember your English lesson when your teacher told you not to judge a book by its cover? Well, do not judge this porn network by its name. It is ready to bring you sexual delights in the very best of flavors. It does not matter if you want a vanilla dipped cock that you can seek and blow all through the night or some chocolate-covered man who will offer you the best of interracial sexual encounters, as you will find it all here.

The network has also offered a great place where you can let out all of your hardcore sexual frustrations and find fulfillment. It does not matter what kinks and fantasies have been running through your mind because these models will ensure that they are fulfilled in one way or another. LethalPass is a network that comprises of 100+ sites, each offering different themes. It does not matter the kind of sexual addict that you are, because you will always find something for your fix here. As a network that was established in October 2012, LethalPass has already paid its dues by its long and stable existence. All of the scenes are hardcore in nature and the network lets you know this from the very beginning.

As a network, LethalPass has already promised you that you will never run short of entertainment. There are thousands of scenes and images to keep you occupied for a long time. You better be ready to keep up with these porn stars and their special demands because when it comes to making requests, they do not play. The content on LethalPass is 100% exclusive, therefore, membership will ensure that you thoroughly enjoy all that the site has to offer. As it is not every day that a hardcore site puts together a collection of the best scenes, we need to appreciate all that LethalPass has in store for us. The lesbians hump each other all day long while raunchy girls suck cock until heads fall off. The sexual scenes are tempting. Everything about this network is right on the money!

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Tech & Specs

Taking a LethalPass tour is surely the best use of your time. You will love the consistency, great arrangement and top-notch nature of the films that are presented here. Although the mega-site holds a multitude of content, it has a simplicity about it that will make you get around quite easily. LethalPass clearly understands that you only get one chance to make a first impression and as such, it lets you experience it in a unique way.

The site is subdivided into sections such as ‘HD videos, ‘sites’ and ‘stars’. DVDs and ‘categories. From these various tabs, you can enjoy the content. Therefore, you can choose to browse the platform as you wish. The DVD-quality scenes are truly enviable but were uploaded previously to the platform. However, every new video upload that is added to the collection boasts of HD clarity. This only goes to show that LethalPass embraces a good viewing experience.

Signing up to the platform is quite a treat. There aren’t any complications that you will experience. Before sealing the deal and becoming a full member, there are a number of previews that you will thoroughly enjoy. This will solidify your decision as to why you should become a full LethalPass member. Getting from one point to another is truly easy, allowing you to make the most of the collection and all that it has to offer. In regards to the videos, they are tagged with a catchy title and other relevant information such as the rating and runtimes. The images are also of enviable quality.

Content Quality

LethalPass has a model roster that is a mix of fresh faces and mature women alike. This definitely ensures that you will get the best of both worlds. The women truly have a desire to be pleasured because it is clear that they have not come to beat about the bush. As a matter of fact, they do everything in their power to ensure that they cast a sexy spell on you. By the way, you will be feeling, they definitely succeeded. The action will leave you hot and bothered, proving that LethalPass is the best mega-site that you could ever sign up to.

With 17+ sites under its belt, it is hard to explain the kind of pleasure that you will be receiving from each individual model. All of them are at the very top of their game. These models go way beyond their call of duty and this is the best part about the entertainment experience that you will get here. They show off their thick booties, put their tight anal holes on display and do not spare their vaginas from a full exhibition. In their birthday suits, they create an imagery that you will not forget easily even if you tried to.

Some of the models are all-natural while a number of others got boob jobs that definitely cost more than you can guess. Their mothers did not teach them any better than flaunting their nudity for anyone who cares to see, but it is not like we are complaining! The diversity of the sites that you will get to enjoy on LethalPass also means that you will get to equally enjoy a variety of models from all over the world. Asians, Ebony beauties, Russians and European girls are all here to make your experience on LethalPass better than it already is!

Long Story Short

LethalPass has proven that there is more to a mega site than a name. While you may think that nothing much awaits you here, you will delightfully be surprised to find out that there are thousands of high quality, pleasurable scenes that are ready to put you over the edge. The platform will continually indulge you in the best hardcore porn of all time! This is one of those few adult sites that you will regret not signing up to.

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