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Thursday, 14 July 2016 / Published in Pornstar
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Lexidona Overview

If you happen to have the eye for watching sex activities of a sexy lassie, how seems to really acquitted on the outside but deep down she is nothing but a sex hunger diva then the best thing that you can do is log on to Lexi Dona. It is here that you will get the taste of three portals in one. The locale started serving the needs of the porn lovers since the year of 2014. Though it is a new web page, the makers have taken all the initiatives for enriching the video and photo galleries with the best materials that you will not find anywhere else. So, hold on to you seats and I take you on an informative ride through the lanes of the sex forum.

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Tech & Specs

To get to the contents in this locale, you need to know the correct procedure to get to it first. Let me remind you that the contents are all exclusive and thus, they are only available here. This is a monopoly that the site exerts on all the clippings and images. Opening an account is a must if you want to perceive the materials. Click on the tab that says “join now” and fill in the details that are required for opening the account. The security features will make sure that the details are not made public in any way.

As soon as you submit the application form, you will receive a notification, sent from the admin, in your mail. This will also contain the password that will give you access to the inner pages. With regular subscription packages, the admin has kept the reservation for a trial subscription plan, which lasts for only two days. In these two days, you will get limited access to the contents. The videos are in HD design and this adds to the quality and clarity in the same time. With the facilities of download and streaming being available, you can get to the clippings and other stuff by WMV or MP4 formats. For streaming, you may use MP4 or Flash.

The resolution of these will differ from 1920×1080 to 640 x 480. The bit rates are also variable, ranging from 8000Kbps to 2500Kbps. The navigation feature is another boon as it is really smooth and lucid in nature. The admin has designed the user interface in a non-complex manner. So, you will face no issues while operating the tabs.

Content Quality

If you are a member of this portal, you must be aware of the fact that the makers have thought about the sexual needs of all. They feel that no matter to which side of the balance you swing to, Dona must be able to satisfy all your lust for sex and passion. So, they have made three separate sections of contents that are available here, action wise. The first set of clips and images are those that will feature the raunchy side of the sexy diva, when she is alone and feels the need to pleasure herself. This is more of an art form for the porn lovers that they lap up instantly.

The various moods of Dona have been portrayed in the best ways. She is not a shy flower and does not feel any hesitance in opening her legs widely to let you feast on the sight of her wet and pink pussy. Taste the smoothness of her skin with your eyes and feel the titillation in your cock when you see her taking off her clothes one by one, with sex and passionate expressions on her gorgeous face. The use of sex toys like dildos and vibratos are common on the solo scenes.

The next section deals with the movies that portray her lesbian side. She is more than ready to engage in sexual activities with her equally sexy and sizzling GFs. They play with each other’s tits by pressing on them, sucking them and rubbing their hands all over to get the sensation of passion and lust. They also give you a look into some intense fingering action and then it ends with cunt licking and sucking. The last section deals with the hardcore sex movies. This is where you get to see Dona riding the muscular cocks of the hunks. They are so driven by lust that they start off messaging each other’s whenever they get the chance.

Dona and her GFs get the taste of intense cock drilling the pink pussies. They also give cock hardening blowjobs with deep throat gagging as well. A thick layer of cum, warm and sticky, on the face and boobs is what they crave for. In one of the videos you will get to see how Dona pusses in the washroom, after climbing on the toilet stand. She often pisses herself while rubbing her glory hole. This is another way of deriving sexual pleasure. 

As for the clippings, here you will get to shag your cock to 46+ sex filled movies that are going to keep you in action for 12 minutes. The size of the files is big enough to fill the whole screen. The 4+ galleries are available with around 80 snaps that have been developed in high resolutions. This can add up to 5000 pixels or 3000×2000. These can be stored without the worry of any DRM restrictions, in Zip format. The portal will also give you the added features like live chat with sexy Dona once very week, via the high definition web camera. The admin takes care to update the site on a weekly basis. Though there is nothing substantial about any presence of bonus sites, you will not feel its absence.

Long Story Short

With regular discounts and new package plane, this is surely one of the most sought after porn locale to have entered the porn business arena in a long period of time. So, for all you sex fanatics, this is the forum that you should join without any further botheration.

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