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Wednesday, 27 July 2016 / Published in Pornstar

Lily Carter Overview

The site you are going to read about is the official site of the hot porn star, Lily Carter. The LilyCarter has a collection of hardcore porn videos, along with sexy modeling photos, solo and lesbian scenes. There are studio-made scenes and archived webcam shows on this site. Before we dig deeper and tell you what our research brought to life, let’s take a look on the woman of the site. Lily Carter was born in Oregon, and she is a real American beauty. Her hair is brown and she has two wonderful blue eyes. Her body is tight, she has natural breast and ass.

Lily Carter is really fresh, and she is good at what she does; she is a squirter, so get ready for some hot and wet experience too. So, Lily’s official site launched in 2012, and it offers an updating collection of exclusive porn videos and photos. To be more accurate we have to say that there are videos coming in, but they drop in a random pace. There are several scenes on the site, mostly in high quality, so you won’t have any problems with that.

The site may not be updated too frequently, but apart from this hot chick’s mischievous acts, you can get your hands on many more content. There are mostly star-focused portals included, but several of the sites you can access are focusing on different niches too. These exclusive videos are all yours, and you have the option to browse them from a really comfortable members’ area. When you enter the LilyCarter, you enter the Puba network hub, and this is a one of a kind chance to enjoy such dedicated collections.

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Tech & Specs

The LilyCarter looks nice. The good quality pictures on the tour page and the hot chick on them are quite enough for any man to want to join. The layout doesn’t reflect to the inner section, but nevertheless it looks good, and the tour is convincing. When you join the site, you get to the members’ area, which is the hub of the Puba network. The menu on the top provides network-wide navigation, while the one that’s a bit lower offers site-wise options.

Searching is not an option, but you can browse through the collection and add the videos you like to the favorites’ list. From the members’ zone, it’s very easy to navigate the network sites. In case you enjoy watching hardcore porn, you might come to the conclusion that it might worth it pretty much to join this site. The videos here are available for download, and for in-browser viewing. However, it’s important to note that there is a daily limit for downloading: maximum 10GBs can be saved in 24 hours period. MP4 files are offered to save, and a regular Flash-video is streamed.

Content Quality

Lily Carter is a girl we would really like to spend a night with (not all at once of course, we are not gangbangers). She is cute, she seems a nice girl overall, and she is quite fresh. Though she is 26 years old she can easily deny a few years, that’s probably why she often take up uniforms of educational institutes and gets fucked in a classroom-like environment. Lily is a brunette cutie, but in some of her scenes she have her hair colored black. As a US-girl she is on the good track to get a name in the industry, and to be honest, we are eager to see her videos on bigger network sites too. Lily is a fully natural cutie. Her body is nicely shaped, and she is one of those girls who are over 25, but still looks much fresher. Lily Carter has a tight body and two perky breasts.

This hot piece has a really hot feature: she has a squirting pussy. You will see her getting fucked, or masturbating and then bursting out in a wild session of squirting. All of her videos start dry, but in the end everything is soaking wet – and she usually gets cum over her cute body too. The partners of Lily are also stars, and as you will see she does lesbian and straight scenes too. A few of the videos of the LilyCarter are somewhat glamorous. Instead of the usual bedroom- and living room-like environment they often take place in front of a white background, on a shining bright bed or sofa.

The name of the videos and galleries tell you exactly about the ruling colors, like the “Lily solo on white” which features a solo session performed by Lily on a white stage. There are also some other main colors, and naturally, you can find a lot of real stages set up too. For example, there is a scene, which features lily as she masturbates in a jail cell, but there are some hard fucking sessions taking place on a sofa. And, as we mentioned there are classroom porn videos too. In case you are looking for hardcore sex, then this site will certainly become your favorite quite soon, and when you seek a gorgeous girl doing some kinky sex, Lily Carter should come in mind. There is a fine variety of action here, and though it’s mostly mainstream, the hard squirting makes the videos much more exciting.

Long Story Short

The LilyCarter has many strengths: the girl is gorgeous and kinky, her videos are hot. However, as you may have got the picture from this LilyCarter review, on its own, the site isn’t so warmly recommended. What makes it to worthy is the fact that you gain access to a huge network, with thousands of porn scenes for you. Also, there are third party feeds to enjoy and the live cams are also satisfying. If you just want to take a look, the site – and the network – offers a five day trial for a good price. But, the membership it’s an overall good bargain, and we recommend this site to you.

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